Is math important to the survivor?

Without question it is.
How else are you going to work out how many cans of beans you’ve got. OK, that was silly but all too often people don’t realize that math is important for all sorts of things.

Take water purification.
You’ve got 70 liters of water to purify using iodine.
2% Tincture of iodine, how many drops do you need if the dilution is 8 drops per liter?

Ranging a Target
How far is he?
Height in meters X 1000
Mils Reading

Slope Dope.
Target ranged at ### (Ha Ha, I’m not going to make it easy for you) meters but down a 30 degree slope, what range should you set on the sights?
0000h or 0600h ( Vertical ) the range is zero
0100h or 0500h (  60 deg  ) the range is Visual times 0.5
0130h or 0430h (  45 deg  ) the range is Visual times 0.7
0200h or 0400h (  30 deg  ) the range is Visual times 0.87
0300h or 0300h ( Level ) what you see is what you shoot.

Set sights for ### meters X 0.87 = Range in meters

So there are three basic examples of maths in use.

There are a couple of ways to go for the survivor.
The high-tech PDA (yawn).
Me? I’ve got a little indexed notebook with all the maths, tables, and formula, I’ll ever need covering a really wide range of subjects.

Guess work and memory power is therefore kept to a minimum.
After all SWMBO often remarks I’ve got the memory power of a newt.

As for a calculator?
Apart from a pencil and paper and the maths tables in the little book, I carry a little 6″ slide rule.

Perhaps WAY too much for most things but it’s small and doesn’t need batteries.
(No need for SWMBO here, I know my maths is poor at best)

So what provision have you made for math when the grid goes down, electricity is no more, and your batteries or PDA fade to gray?

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  1. Glad I can still add!

  2. shtfprepper says:

    I hopefully won’t need to count higher than the fingers and toes that I currently possess.

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