One Way Traffic

stopshootingThe reason why thinking you can shoot doesn’t quite cut it as your target shoots back.

There is this gap in firearms training that isn’t being filled by many trainers. It’s coming across loud and strong from a lot of the You tube training clips, commercial ads, and (dare I say it) blog sphere shooting “schools”.

Everyone is shooting at something that doesn’t shoot BACK!

Those who also train in the paint ball or “soft air / air soft” arenas KNOW about taking cover and being shot at.

IMHO they are light years ahead of the 5 mags a week paper punchers and probably fitter!

Mostly it’s fast paced, themed (especially in air soft), and using tactics that would serve you well in real life.

OK it aint the same as lead flying towards you.
It ain’t the same as ‘real combat‘ the professionals will say.
Hell it’s ‘playing with toys‘ Mr Macho and the wanna-be Rambo’s will be shouting, BUT it does help shooters to understand the real issues with going up against a person carrying a weapon.

OR are “you” all content to simply stand, crouch, kneel, or lie down, behind blue barrels and wooden frames that simulate doorways and windows?

Get realistic, get firearms trained, and then go up against the many tactically aware teams that train in well run paint ball and air soft venues.

My money is on them for the first few matches.

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13 Responses to One Way Traffic

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Good and different way to look at airsoft.

  2. equippedcat says:

    You can think of paint ball guns as toys, until you get hit with one. They STING. And leave a cute round welt for a week or so.

    • I know that, you know that, unfortunately there are the “Mr Macho’s” and Wanna-be Rambo’s in the world who don’t appreciate what a whack of a paint ball can do to their sunlamp bronzed, look at me, persona’s . Bit pathetic really isn’t it?

      There is probably another side to it. They don’t want to be shown as being totally inept at CQB / fire with movement tactics by “little girls”. ROTFL

  3. The world is full of uncertainty. Of course, no one can predict the future. Do you really think there mightn’t a shooting Kingdom in your lifetime?

  4. Sorry, meant to say, shooting war in UK? There are many skills that would be useful in a survival situation. For example, farming. Seems to me that training for an infantry war is pretty far down on my priority list.

    • So you don’t live anywhere close to gunchester then? Good.

      Whilst weapons training may seem pointless in the Untied Kingdom, the tactics of movement under fire still have a lot of relevance in today’s out of control society and especially if we enter/reach the state of just 9 meals before anarchy i.e. total social collapse.

      Besides familiarity with weapons is something which helps the normal Joe / Jane cope when facing them for the first time.

      It’s also a good fitness regime!

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