Military Pace

Yes the military have exact measurements for everything regardless of your height, weight, and stature. They also issue drill instructors with a pace stick to make sure you do it right too!

In this case the length of a military step is 30 inches. Thus the tall step short, the short step long. Weird and a bit sad isn’t it?

So for them not wearing green, what’s in a pace?
Firstly a pace is two steps.
I talked about walking in circles and mentioned I used ranger pace beads to work out the distance I had walked. All sounds pretty scientific doesn’t it only it’s not really.

ranger beadsAnyway if I was still a military man, I’d always walk in 30 inch steps

rotglman(Like I ever managed that!)

Thus to walk a mile should take me 1056 paces.
In reality it takes (on level ground approx 1020 paces)
To walk a kilometer (click or klik) should take me 606 paces.
In reality it takes (on level ground approx 600 paces)

Only there are a lot of things that can affect your pace length both psychological i.e. fear and working without visual references in the dark induces insecure or an “unbalanced” feeling are the common ones, Plus physical things like:-

  1. Walking at night
    ( The inability to see your footing beyond the next few steps )
  2. Walking up or down hills / slopes
  3. Heavy and even low head room vegetation
  4. Inability to walk a constant course (weaving constantly)
  5. Uneven ground
  6. Bad surfaces like mud, sand, water, snow, and especially ice.
  7. Bad weather i.e. too cold, hot, wet, or windy
  8. If you are tired or have been concentrating for too long
  9. If you are carrying too much or carrying for too long
  10. What footwear you are wearing

So what to do about it?
Difficult to answer really.
Experience is the main teacher here BUT if you feel at all stressed aka tired, uncomfortable either physically or mentally, assume your pace is shortened i.e. 1000 paces (2 steps per pace) will cover less ground.

Now the embarrassing bit.
Remember the distance error I had whilst Walking in circles?
Experience isn’t a lot of good without constant practice.
Memo to self, must night walk some more!

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