Behind You

There is a quip which goes “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

Only it’s rare that a professional just descends on you like a ton of bricks, kicking in your door, or slamming into your vehicle. It’s usually the culmination of a period of surveillance and gathering Intel before they get all physical..

Only how would you know that surveillance is in place as a professional is trained NOT TO BE SEEN?

Now I was temped to write if you’ve done something wrong you need to be worried and leave it at that EXCEPT sometimes the person who is watching you may have the wrong person. It happens. After all how many doors have been kicked in on the wrong home following bad Intel?

Anyway the watchers might be criminal, the authorities, politically or religiously motivated aka a terrorist, or just mentally unbalanced. The last one worries me more than all the rest.

The question still stands, how would you know, and more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

Every individual case is different yet the ‘nice bit’ about it is most of the watchers work to a methodology which starts to form a pattern over time. The secret is to spot that pattern and act BEFORE the main event and not leave it till they are ready to strike. Only you will have no idea about their timetable.

Yet there is a counter move to that and something watchers hate. It’s called you being unpredictable as it may expose the ‘watchers’ as they struggle to cope with this new development.

Problem is will they?
They have a few options.
Not to react (a tough call for them), or to accelerate their plans for you on the spur of the moment. Tactically that really sucks because it calls for speed and fast-moving is what an eye reacts to better than anything else.

So, routine and the unexpected.
A clear pattern of behavior or make things too chaotic to them to track you.

It’s mightily difficult to vary your life a lot.
After all we all get up, eventually go out, return, and thus the day ends. It’s called work, children, if you’ve got a dog it’s called taking it for a dump, or the 1001 other things ‘normal people do’.

Except it’s possible to inject a degree of chaos if you plan things carefully.
Remember, Chaos and being Unpredictable is good.

Leaving urgently, returning late, or early, or not at all for a period of days.
Using alternative transport and not your vehicle.
Even using a bicycle can confuse a watcher.

Or just not doing anything at all, lights out, curtains drawn, not answering the door. If you’ve ever been on a surveillance team that’s often the scariest as doubt creeps in that the target may have “escaped” without you knowing. It’s also the reason why you should fit an answering machine to your home phone as standard and either coat the windows with ‘one way film’ or fit lace curtains.

What else would make you look as though you are away?
Remove the battery from your cellphone is sort of good but leaving it at work or the  gym, or a friend’s house is better. Cancel the milk or paper delivery. Put the bins out a day before they are due or get your neighbor to do it for you .

Then absolutely, no way whatsoever,  generate an electrical or digital signal. Um, even worse is no flushing the toilet or cooking “steamily”. However having the radio and a security light turn on and off to a fixed schedule adds to the “confusion”. Useful that is too as it lets you see, listen to the news, and the ‘watcher’ thinks it’s just the regular time clock at play.

Danger Zones / Times.
Where would you think you are at your most vulnerable?
Out in the street, garden, or in the house?
I submit everywhere although on your own turf can have it’s advantages if you are prepared for attack.

Hows about the time element?
Criminals and terrorists prefer the night, home invasions like it when you are all at home, and the authorities prefer to have the full day to process you thus they tend to strike early, REALLY early.

Finally electronics.
Most surveillance uses some high-tech devices and they are a real pain to deal with.
Bugs, scanners, and phone taps are three yet with laser microphones, you’d never know someone is there listening UNLESS you have the means to detect the laser beam itself. Microwave aka radar, or thermal imaging can track your inside movements.

Locally I own a wide band scanner and it’s on the whole time.
Detecting phone taps can be difficult but like all communications, nothing is safe anymore so only use them for the benign boring stuff.
Sometimes you hear some really interesting stuff too, LOL.

Mind you if the watchers are going to those lengths, you must be some sort of high priority to them. That’s something to think carefully about isn’t it. What do you do that may make you of interest to others?

Most surveillance though is achieved by them using the Mk.1 eyeball or CCTV.
Years ago that was easy to spot using high-powered binoculars. Now, cameras have gone miniature and can be difficult to spot. Note the word difficult, not impossible. Again it’s all down to how well you KNOW your local neighborhood and that includes as far as you can see.

Two things can work in your favor though. Neighbors and your dog.
Spinning a tale of past physical abuse can elicit “help” by others reporting something unusual. As for the watchers gaining entry? Got to love your dog for detecting that. Most will go ballistic is they smell a new scent within their homes

Some will balk at the idea of ‘making friends’ as it draws attention to yourself. I can see your concern except consider how some neighborhoods work. The new face on the block warrants attention.

I always introduce myself to a new neighborhood. It saves the car from being attacked in most cases and even in the most hardest of areas, saying Hi to enough people and they will remember you. From there on you become part of their fabric. It’s part of the gray man philosophy. Once their curiosity has been satisfied, people usually just register your presence as normal to the hood.

Now VERY early on in the blog’s history, I did a few articles about safety including being  In Transit , Sixth Sense, Home Invasion, and the Gray Man Persona, and in action. Lastly your neighbor, asset or threat?

Finally what to do if you do realize you are under surveillance?

Nothing to hide? Tell someone you trust, make it known.
If you have a solicitor / lawyer, it is best to have them present if you go to the authorities. After all it could be them doing the surveillance.

Something to hide? Your call.
Personally I may consider bugging out with my INCH bag.
INCH? I’m Never Coming Home.
After all you can sell a property from afar. As for your stuff?
It’s only that, stuff, and it can all be replaced.
You can’t.

Confrontation is a dangerous action.
Never confront anyone when you are on your own.
Tactically that’s stupid.
So always go accompanied and preferably with someone who can look after you and themselves.
As for going armed? What if it’s police, security service, or military?
Armed gives them the only excuse they need to either shoot you or put you in jail, constitutional rights to carry or not.
What if it’s a terrorist or a nut job?
They may just kill you because they can.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    My only surveillance time was when I was a licensed private investigator intern… Spent hours and hours in my darkly tinted windowed vehicle… Lots of “suitable pretext” was used when I attempted to call them… It was fun, but I knew that people could snap if they found out they were being watched… It was mainly a lot of worker’s comp cases where the agency was suspicious that they were at their old jobs and such. Ah, yes. I enjoyed those days. Adrenalin, no adrenalin, sit and watch, go on the move……………………..

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