Power Pull

Know what a meta-post is?
It’s a metal spike used to mount a fence post. Only when it’s been sat in the ground for 10 years it’s an absolute bitch to pull out. Bear in mind that it’s a meter in length.

You’ve got two choices, dig deep or pull the post out.
Well I don’t dig when it’s too easy to pull.
So how?
4 x 4 drivers will probably attach a chain and drive off.
OK, lets rule that one out because there is no access to it, what’s the next solution you’ve got?

Well I’ve got a simple one i.e. using a lever.

Driving a heavy nail into the post or by a simple lashing, it’s really easy secure the lever to the spiked post and exert a powerful “lifting” force on the spike.

Only how much force?
The math is worth knowing.
The force is calculated as how much you can push down (my weight 80 kg) multiplied by the distance to the log roll D2, and then divided by the distance from the log roll to the stake D1

80 kg x 200 cm / 40 cm = 400 kg (880 lbs) worth of force.
Hang on, you’ll probably be working in inches.
Same math because it’s all to do with the ratio (how long one bit is compared to the other).
176 lb x 78 inches / 16 inches = 858 lbs of force

The two sums work out roughly the same at around 860 – 880 pounds (lbs)  of force.

Bottom line? Just leaning on the lever was plenty enough to pull the stake out enough for me to easily lift it by hand.

What’s the limit of doing this though?
It depends on how strong your lever is. Here 860-880 pounds of force on that log could break the lever or snap the lashing you’ve done round the sunken post. So, BE CAREFUL!

The same math can be used to lift a vehicle up enough to prop up a vehicle enough to change a tire. Same thing, log used as a beam, another as the “fulcrum” aka the log roll, and whatever to act as a prop or someone just sits on the lever while another changes the wheel. OK, if the lever breaks it could be dangerous BUT health and safety are never around in the driving rain and it’s an emergency (or have you never noticed that).


Question. Bearing in mind we aren’t all superhuman, can you think of other field expedient ways (using what is around you) of propping up a vehicle while you change a wheel?

FIELD EXPEDIENT remember i.e. no jacks or air bags allowed!

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9 Responses to Power Pull

  1. shtfprepper says:

    We learned “cribbing” to get large objects (furniture, fridge, car, etc..) off of people who were trapped. It feels kind of weird being able to lift a car off the ground, by yourself.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Other than using a lever of some sort,I can’t think of any other way to lift a vehicle-unless there’s a winch on the vehicle,or you just happen to have some heavy duty rope, a few pulleys,and a nearby pole or tree to hang the pulleys from.

    • So that’s two ways. FM 20-22 is useful reading.
      I also build a solid support under the sill of the car, then dig under the tire.
      On old school 4 x 4’s with decent fenders, I’ll run it into a slope, prop, and dig under the tire.
      Putting a prop under the suspension or fender I’ve edged forward to raise a tire.
      A Frame and drive into it.

      note I’m always chocking before changing the tire and yes, all ways work on the back tires.

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