Self Analysis?


Do you look solely at somethings monitory worth?
Or only for what it can do for you?
Can you see beyond the obvious use?


Is everything regarded as disposable to you?
Only good until it aids you no more or becomes a burden?


Does this make you feel hopeless?
Or do you see opportunity all around you?


Are you influenced by others and easily led?
Is free thinking harder than going with the flow?
Is disagreement reason to not go with your judgment?

Will you stop when you are tired?
Do you limit yourself by time or by events?


Are you driven to complete the task.

Is something impossible or just something waiting to be solved?

Are you a doer, just a thinker, or a little of both?

Just think about all of this for a bit.
Then make your own mind up.
Are you a survivor?
Need more thought about it all as you can’t get your head around it?
Or have just realized you are statistic waiting to happen without more training?

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