Knowing Stress

doctorThe psych doctors are full of technical terms and complicated ways of identifying when you are under stress. Only what stress are they talking about and does one guideline fit all situations?

So I did a few on-line assessments to find out, only I cheated!
I put neither good or bad in every question preferring “sometimes” and it was decided that I ranged from severely stressed to something called normal.

OK, I’ll go with stressed, yet what does that prove?
Nothing as far as I’m concerned as the questions were largely benign, generic, if not a bit lame. Even worse, only one asked “What do you do for a living?” but funnily enough it wouldn’t accept “international playboy”. (SWMBO ROTFL as I typed that.)

Look, to me it’s simple.
Day to day life is stressful yet how you cope with a protracted disaster scenario is going to be largely unknown. Unless you already have. Even then your experiences may help but it will never answer all the questions or cut back on the stress.

So what’s the point of this post?
I suppose to say that training will help you in a crisis.
It’s like a little bit of automatic pilot and eases the brain strain a bit.

Yet training without stress or in a safe training environment can’t possibly exert the mind strain you will experience when everything cascades into disaster. toomanymindsTake Gun Play
That’s why I laugh at the blue barrels on ranges.
I never see them on the street and they hardly help you identify good cover or how to work in subdued light. Them and the fact that targets on a range never shoot back.

stopshootingNow some learned “schools” offer training with a stress payload.
Fast draw, mag changes, repetition and more repetition.
Timed this and that, lectures, practice.
Some add a realistic fire with movement, team work, breeching, fitness, etc.
Pouring on the physical and mental pressure to not only train you but to desensitize you to a heavy mental and physical workload.

Fine if you have the physical capability to start with. Yet a lot of people can’t do that.
Run around with loaded packs, complete an assault course and still score 80% plus in the kill zone I mean. Still it will bring back memories for some. Anyone who did military training will be remembering that sort of training and probably the bruises from it!

Only unless you moved on from training to being subjected to those loads quickly in real life, it was all too easy to lose your edge, that built up speed, the accuracy.

Losing your edge, how so?
Serious question. How many people carry a gun in their job and are exposed to violence on a regular basis. Leo’s, military may be, anyone else?
As for the rest, it doesn’t matter how good you think you are, the street is always faster and deadlier than a range. So blasting off a couple of hundred rounds a week is good fun and will keep your times down but it can’t possibly match what LEO’s,  Mil, and other active gun carriers face almost on a daily basis.

Guns aside, what about prepping and survival skills?
Water purification, making fires, the nuts and bolts of survival all needs practice.
Practice is good, learning new skills important, and ultimately knowing more and doing more is a good way of not getting so stressed when it finally matters.

Shooting the balls off a fly at 100 yards and making fire out of anything is great.
You might even have the right to add prepper, survivalist, and gun slinger to your resume. Only is there such a thing as a fully prepped prepper? Able to cope with everything?

Or are we all just kidding ourselves?

Now I’m quite happy with my practical skill base and practical experience YET have I ever had to deal with a total financial meltdown outside of no money in my bank account? That would be a no.

Hows about the total loss of all services for a protracted period including water, sewage, supplies, fuel, medical, in fact everything we take for granted in modern life? Nope.

From civil disturbances to strikes and Christmas shopping. It all counts as a disaster for some. Then there is Nuclear, radiological, biological, or chemical attacks? HELL NO!

Them and other scenarios don’t bother me so much as WHAT THE EFFECTS WILL BE ON OTHERS! Yes, my biggest worry is everyone else and what they might do.

So what will you do about the masses and authorities, BOTH of them will probably be a bigger threat than the main event ever was?

The stress of disaster will cause the unprepared to FREAK!
Usually BIG TIME. As for those authorities? Their basic role is often containment or (at best) evacuation. Only it usually comes too late, as too little, and when the damage from the sheeple has been done.

Yet those authorities.
Are they always careful and carry out well-considered plans and the appropriate controlled professional actions to look after everyone without a bit of freaking out?


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