Sewing fingers

Not literally, although I did manage to stab myself a couple of times, but last night was spent sewing up seat covers for the boat. Some 2 hours worth of continuous needling.

The end result looks OK and I even got the seal of approval from SWMBO!
dancing8Yet today, I’ve got swollen fingers, VERY ouchy finger tips, hands that cannot hold anything heavier than a cup of tea, and the neck ache from hell!

How the heck do tailors and seamstresses do that all day long, day in, day out?

I’m used to fine work from fixing things i.e. electronics, woodworking, and when fishing or shooting. You know, the little things in life that need concentration and a deft touch,  BUT as for sewing heavy-duty material by hand again! NO WAY!

Well until the next time anyway.
But why write a post about it?
It was actually a comment made about using a sewing machine.
Only what if the only one in the house is electric and that’s not working?
You’ve only got few choices apart from replacement and giving it to someone else to do:-sewingtools

Now I’m pretty sure Mr. Macho will be out there thinking sewing is woman’s work.
Only (poor dear that he is) what if he can’t repair his own clothing or kit?
Even worse his mummy isn’t there to dress him?
To have the knowledge to keep your kit ‘in good repair’ is one of those little skills the prepared survivor should learn as not everything can be solved by the preppers favourite:-



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