Hunter Gatherer to Slave.

When the world was young, the only “profession” was that of a hunter gatherer.

Hunter gatherers are literally that. They go out, foraging, scavenging, and hunting for what they need with any surplus used for trading.

Very dependent of the seasons and weather, only the best survive.
Especially in winter or times of climatic disaster i.e. flood, drought, too cold, too hot.

Only at some point it all changed and the birth of farming happened.

Although it was to prove “successful”, what it did was force people into a live of servitude. Their masters? Initially the land and the weather.

Growing anything is a full-time occupation and in the case of a subsistence farmer, 24/7/365 takes on a whole new meaning. Later though, as things became more civilized, communities were formed, commerce started, MONEY, then came the politicians, the taxes. Getting the picture?

Meanwhile on a hill nearby.
The hunter gatherers were doing their thing and as said trading the surplus to the land locked farmers. Their life was a transient one, moving to where the food was, and as such they lived in smaller communities.

The chore of being a transient wasn’t too odorous but the lure of a larger community with its fringe benefits (warmth, comfort, food on tap, and lots of WOMEN) attracted a lot of the hunters to cross over to the dark side and try farming, laboring, and all things that being a sheeple is all about.

The historians and clever guys did however notice a couple of things. Farmers died younger and a lot of deaths were caused by disease. They weren’t so strong or fit, just that dogged tired out manner befitting working outside 24/7/365.

On the other hand, H.G’s stayed taller, stronger, and although the gene pool was limited, what finally crushed them was civilization.

Good schoolboy stuff isn’t it?
Only there is a similarity with the modern-day survivalist and the prepper (if not the sheeple).

Survivalists spend their time actively training to withstand the inevitable storm and how to survive afterwards. A real similarity to hunter gatherers. They aren’t going to sit around, they will H.G. whatever they need with a nomadic life style, moving as their requirements dictate.

survivalist Preppers spend their time preparing for the storm that may occur and laying in provisions for the aftermath.
Sheeple spend their time watching TV and should something happen, waiting for the state to save them.

Simply put, most preppers will dig in and wait for everything to return to normal again. Some do plan long-term though although their basic plan appears to be one of subsistence farming or the equivalent.

Sheeple’s long-term plans? NIL, NADA, ZIP.
If someone doesn’t save them, it’s not going to be a great loss and more room for them who are left!


It’s interesting to consider that there are very few H.G’s (survivalists) around compared to preppers and sheeple.

Only this time, when TSHTF, it’s likely to be epic aka nuclear or biological war and provided the survivalist can withstand the initial storm, their foraging and scavenging skills will  be a heck of a lot more useful than some idiot relying on a few out of date baked beans cans or:-

A government handout
via an aid center
aka work camp.


I know not how WW3  will be fought but one thing is certain, it’ll be the survivalists, who are already one step away from being full-time hunter gatherers, that will become the dominant survivor.


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