We’ve finally gone Ceramic

Before I start, I’m not recommending anything here.
I’m not selling, reviewing, or otherwise saying “Hey, this is what you should be doing!”
This is our tale not a sales pitch.

So, we start.
Water purification is one thing we don’t leave to chance living on a boat and although we had been using a “third tap” purifier for our water needs over the last year, it came to the time when everything just clogged up!

Only here is the rub and a direct dig at US pricing.
The existing unit was a Nature Pure QC2 system. It worked, we hadn’t got sick.

Well that may have been true right up to about a week ago when the flow reduced to a trickle, and it drove the boats water pump mad turning it on and off like a demented yo yo. OK, simple fault-finding, no decent flow (it took ½ hour to fill a mug), CHANGE THE FILTER!

rotglmanYou yanks kill me!
The current pricing was $294.27 for the filter alone, plus postage and the usual garbage additions on international mail order. In real money that’s £190.63 GBP plus.

WTH is that all about! I know you live in the land of plenty but come on, some of us live in the third world aka the Untied Kingdom.

So what was the alternatives for us?
Well there are a few the simplest being to boil all our water.
Only we’re dead boring, a bit lazy, and more than a bit energy conscious as boiling uses fuel and more fuel which (funny enough) costs money.

Now I love ceramic filters. I understand the technology, how good it is and appreciate that the absolute filtration is plenty enough to stop Giardia and Crypto, most bacteria, and with silver as a lining, viruses get a hammering too. So, for the grand sum of $170 (£110),  we’ve gone and bought a gravity feed Berkefeld.

Know what I like about it best? NO BATTERIES and NO CHEMICALS!


So is it any good?
Dunno yet, we’re still “conditioning” the water candles, washing things down, waiting for the next day, currently on the last leg, and thinking “If I’ve got to do this every time I change a candle, I’ve made a bit of a mistake.

Nearly forgot, it’s some 8 inches across and 20 inches tall.
Darn it, I will need yet another shelf and I’ve just finished the last load of DIY!

Filter Specification for those impressed by numbers:-
Nominal 0.5 to 0.8 micron
Lasts for 10,000 liters, 2 of us at 9 liters a day, 1111 days. Yippee, More than enough for us.
Replacement cost of filter candles? £14 – £25 every three years. NICE!
Now the high-tech bit.
% Bacteria Removed i.e. E.Coli/Cholera/Shigella/Typhoid/Klebsiella Terrigena    >99.99%
% Cyst Removal   i.e.   Cryptospoidium/Giardia  >99.99%

Good enough for me! Hands up if you can tell me what’s missing?

Yep, its viruses but they pencil in at around 0.004 to 0.1 microns.
Not to put too finer a point on it, there ain’t a lot you can do about these suckers as even with silver impregnated in the candles that can’t kill everything.

So, when things get basic, we’ll still filter but will also boil.

Now where’s that tape measure.
p.s. Free tip, never use a spirit (bubble) level when fitting shelves into a boat.
Especially if said boat is in the water.


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5 Responses to We’ve finally gone Ceramic

  1. I got a Berky years ago when I was living in a van and depending on whatever I could fish out of the ditch (minus frogs and dead leaves) for water. Never let me down, reliably turned green stagnant gunk into pure clean H2O for zero added energy (bar scrubbing the filters regularly!) and now sits in the kitchen, ready for action at a moment’s notice. Hope yours turns out as satisfactory for you!

    • Thank you for that.
      I knew Berky’s to be good from others.
      We just never had the need or money to buy one.
      I’ve seen the effects of Cholera before now thus won’t trust chemical.
      Ceramics are my favorite though and still have a little “kit” I lashed up for off grid work.
      First kit [Link]

      Although in the end, I was always a boiler by choice.

  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Good Grief! Paul has been hanging out with Alex Jones!
    The “Thoughtfully Prepping Water Filter”, buy it “online now” (?).
    [I knew that Paul had millionaire potential.]

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