Size 7

Not my footwear or the total IQ of the UK government, but the shoe size for my wife.

Coming up to winter, we tend to look at the basics of our wardrobe and discard the worn out or inadequate clothing we possess.

Today it was footwear and SWMBO needed a new pair of waterproof pumps.waterproofpumps

Only what we always find is WOMAN’S clothing and footwear is either flimsy at best, or has a few extra pounds (£) added to the price.

I’m kinda glad SWMBO has a practical approach to clothing and often shops in the Mens Departments for T-shirts, jumpers, jogging bottoms aka track suit bottoms, socks, plus all things “outer garment”.

As for shoes? We live on a fixed income, money matters, not a label stating “woman’s” thus for sale at a higher price.

But why does SWMBO buy from the men’s stock?
Simple, T-shirts are made from heavier material and are longer in the body and also a more generous cut.
Socks are heavier. Jumpers roomier and warmer.
In short better for our dog walking, boat living, outdoors lifestyle, and infinitely easier to wash and dry!

BUT back to Size 7.
Have you ever really looked at a persons feet?
They truly do come in all sizes and shapes with some having inherited weaknesses like easily ‘turned’ ankles. So why (except in specialist sports or outdoor shops) is little regard given to this?

Then you go and look at “exclusively for woman’s” footwear.
Ever had that feeling that sometimes fashion can be extremely hazardous to your health.


We rest our case!

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13 Responses to Size 7

  1. Sigh, designer footwear never looks good with joggers and a parka when walking the dog, and wellies don’t exactly go with an evening frock. Give me comfort, durability and practicality any day (and you can keep the frock) :D.

  2. Brittius says:

    Good God, man. What is wrong with a good pair of military boots? Can lace high, or lace just above the ankle. Can use any color paracord as lace. Good for casual or formal dining. Great on a boat or doing chores such as scraping and painting the bottom, while you sit back, enjoy a pint or three, while supervising her.

  3. Brittius says:

    Quickly! Turn the canal lock!
    Over here! Fish to be cleaned!
    Oh, don’t forget to rub my back, I’ve had a wicked day. 🙂

  4. Hi Paul!
    Hope y’all are well. Xx

  5. Thanks for the good advice. I buy most of my stuff at garage sales, although I did recently find a nice pair of hiking boots on clearance. I found some v-neck men’s t-shirts that, like you pointed out, are heavier and fit more comfortably than most of the women’s stuff out there AND even at garage sales they are usually cheaper–like 50 cents as opposed to 1-3 dollars! Go figure. Begonia

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