I am not alone!

Not being alone, more I’ve found someone else that likes:-fingerlessFingerless gloves!

At last I won’t get ridiculed for wearing them. Oh I wish.
Years after getting VERY frost-bitten, I’ve found that wearing these suckers stops my fingers from hurting EVEN IN SUMMER.

It’s probably a psychological thing more than anything else BUT as said, it works for me.
Only in winter they still remain on only coming off when in bed, washing, and of course, having a dump (as they mess up the toilet roll!)

I’m a believer in layers. Have been for years.
You can always take off excess clothing BUT you can’t put on what you haven’t got.
With bad circulation layers and me are best friends.
With hands though, things get a tad complicated.
I’m betting the vast majority out in blogland wear gloves.
Them things with fingers.

Only I can’t do that as I need the warmth from my other digits to keep me from freezing again. Thus I wear either conventional mittens or shooting / arctic designs.

What do they look like?
shooting mittens
Nifty eh?
Conventional mittens BUT if you want trigger time, the trigger finger gets inserted into the rear “finger”.

Some may question the effectiveness of wearing wool over your trigger finger as you can’t feel the trigger. Only that’s never stopped me from hitting what I’ve aimed at. As for you?

If you’ve tried it and can’t do it, ho-hum.
If you are just thinking it doesn’t work, try it. you may be surprised.

Anyway beneath these goes my fingerless gloves.
Only what if it’s raining?
Hah, thought you’d got me didn’t you.
A canvas pair of shooters mits slip right over the lot!

Again, you are talking two layers on the trigger finger and further “desensitising”.
The only thing I worry about though is a fat finger wiggling into a small trigger guard.
Thus if it’s REALLY COLD and WET, off comes the pretty trigger guard and one goes “one I made earlier” out of a piece of metal brick strap funny enough.

dumpsterdiveSkip (dumpster) diving has its rewards and that stuff came as a 5 meter end of roll, stainless steel, pre drilled, and all I had to do was cut to length, bend and bolt in place.

brick strapKISS, Keeping it Stupidly Simple.
The thoughtfullyprepping way!

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