Over medicated


Time and time again I say that to medics and they look back at me as though I’m demented. Yet sat here tonight bombed out of my mind by a cocktail of medicines it’s difficult to understand if the “cure” or even the doctors are worse than the illness.

I fall into a classification that a lot of people do where a little medicine goes a long way. Only when you tell the doctors that they simply look “YOU” up in their reference books, your weight, age, and what ails you and prescribe away.

So I sit there patiently saying time and time again:-
“I only need a little dose” and “A little goes a long way with me”.

That’s VERY TRUE with opiates and my favorite “fall over juice” of all time, MORPHINE.
It works REALLY, R E A L L Y   WELL on me.
Wow sort of thing and I haven’t even opened the packet!

A while ago some doctor insisted I use a morphine patch for an injury.
I told him my reaction would be dramatic but he basically patted me on the head and sent me home with the morphine patches anyway.

Five minutes after popping the patch on I walked into my first wall.
Ten minutes later I fell over feeling really numb and more than a little spaced out.
Yet explaining that now has me marked with a label that says I’m allergic to morphine.


And they pay doctors
how much to get it wrong?

Still it’s also immensely useful.
Whatever the drug says it does, it happily works in me.
Only there is always the small print.
I’m the 1 in 100,000 who will turn purple or whatever.

So are you like me or do you need meds by the bucket load before they take effect?

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14 Responses to Over medicated

  1. gamegetterII says:

    Morphine doesn’t do much to me in the way of “getting stoned”, but it does take the edge off the pain. Due to a ton of broken bones in the past,and a two year plus series of surgeries to get rid of osteomyeitis-(bone infection,caused by staph and other nasty bacteria)-in which 15cm of infected bone was removed,and a bunch of pins and wires were inserted through the bone above and below the cut where the infected bone was removed pulled the two parts toward each other,forcing my body to grow new bone -I take 30mg of morphine 3x a day,20 mg of instant release oxycodone 3x a day,10 mg of flexaril 2x a day,and 100mg of lyrica 3x a day.
    None of that stuff even phases me,as I was on much higher doses during the two years it took my body and the torture device to grow new bone.
    There’s a pic of me with the torture device attached to my leg on the left margin of starvinlarry.com

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