Thinking in threes

It’s a re-run of the survival rule of threes as it seems that when a few people hear galloping they are thinking ZEBRA and not horses.

Too many minds is an expression that is applicable when problem solving for many.
It comes with the information overload that preppers and survivalists have been “suffering” for years.

Survival is easy (sort of) unless you over think the basic rules and regularly practice the basic fixes to what ails you.

For instance the rule of threes goes:-

  • 3 seconds without adequate cover in an attack.
    It’s simple, it doesn’t matter what is going on, if someone or thing can’t see you or get to you, your survival chances are better.
  • 3 minutes without a heartbeat or good air.
    If you bleed out or your heart stops, there is a limit to how long you can survive let alone be resuscitated. How are you going to stop loss of blood?
    As for breathing?
    Consider the threat of chemical attack or contamination, or a badly ventilated fire generating loads of Carbon Monoxide. You may rapidly reach a state where you will be unable to self treat yourself. After all inhalation of toxins is second best route into a body short of injection into the blood stream. So your plans for NOT BREATHING bad air are?
  • 3 hours without adequate cover with climate control.
    Too cold, wet, tired, feeling sleepy.
    There again what if you are too hot, dehydrated, and feeling sleepy.
    Even if you find a shelter, you’ve got to be awake enough to dry off and get warm or be able to cool down and rehydrated. If you are buddying someone else, you need to recognise the signs that all is not right and have trained to combat and treat these most reversible form of death.
    Yet climate control? Yep, a body will only operate indefinitely within a tight range of temperatures and with adequate fluids let alone food.
  • 3 days without water.
    This is what is quoted BUT they tend to leave out the word SAFE or POTABLE when talking about water. In extreme temperatures both too hot or cold dehydrates a body yet “without water” just doesn’t cut it if your supplies are tainted or even not enough.
    So you are looking for a skill set to find, collect, filter and process “raw” water ot make it safe. Only can you do that?
  • 3 days additional.
    Funny one this. All that talk about water yet people taking essential medications will be feeling the effects about now. Only what’s in your bug out bag? 72 hour of supplies and I would think that’s about all the meds you would be carrying too. So hows about a resupply from day one, keeping your drugs for that day or time when you can’t get any.
  • 3 Weeks without food.
    Once again they leave out a word. 3 “CONTINUOUS” weeks without food is what they mean only within a week or so you’ll be feeling the effects of low blood sugar and loss of cognitive thought WAY before it gets too late. So what are you going to do when SOP is to build a bug out bag that lasts for 72 hours. 3 days compared to 3 weeks. You need to go proactive ASAP and get supplies in don’t you?
  • 3 months before things get worse.
    January to April. Spring arrives.
    Only in the UK it’s usually wet and cold till then.
    Food and growing things takes time and just as it’s getting warm, you’ll probably be well out of food let alone other essential supplies.
    April to July.
    Summers here but now you’ve got heat and dehydration to deal with let alone getting enough water to keep your seedlings going. No need to keep the fires going for warmth and at last the stream is warm enough to take a bath.
    July to October.
    Harvest time and a time of plenty (you hope) YET winter is just round the corner.
    November to January.
    Winter starts, you will get cold as days shorten and nights get longer.
    So what exactly did you do to prepare for this during the months of plenty and good weather?

You really need to re-visit the rules of three.
Only this time think practical NOT THEORETICAL.
Look at you the person.
What do you need to live, to survive.
Can you provide it or have you plans on how, where, and when to get it?
Do those plans work? Are you sure?
Have you practised the most basics of skills.
Finding shelter, making fire, cleansing water, obtaining drugs if required and sourcing food.

If the ex-spurts are correct,
WW3 is just around the corner.


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15 Responses to Thinking in threes

  1. Rifleman III says:

    I carried three sets of handcuffs; Trouble, comes in threes.

  2. equippedcat says:

    I just got an invite to a webinar which claims it will teach the ways to “purify” the “5 types of contaminated water”, including seawater. Sounded like it might be worth a look, for giggles if nothing else, except the geniuses decided that Thursday, November 26th would be the ideal day for such an event…
    (that would be Thanksgiving day)

    • Sort of a discussion topic over the turkey then!
      But will it be all high-tech? Especially the sea water one. If you get the chance, ask them how to remove radio-iodines and soluble caesium please.

      • equippedcat says:

        The webinar was based on Red Cross water purification recommendations, which are limited to Boiling, Chlorination and Distillation. These are what Red Cross recommends, because they are only concerned about biological contamination, and tend to ignore the other 4 types (particulates, organic, inorganic and radiological). Boiling kills biologics, but “concentrates” everything else, including “endotoxins” which may be produced by the biologics breaking down. Chlorination kills biologics, but does not remove anything, and actually adds inorganic contaminates (the chlorine). Distillation not only kills the biologics, but removes most all contaminants. The only exception is VOC (volatile organic compounds) which have a boiling point less than that of water (such as alcohol). The way to counter this is to not capture any steam until the water reaches a full boil, when all the VOC will have boiled away already. The guy claims he has tested radiological contaminated water and removed most of it (Don’t recall the exact amount, perhaps 98%).

      • Interesting. I read an account of a Japanese prepper who tried boiling but still had rad levels in the red after a careful ‘boil’.

        In the end he tried the triplex approach or carbon, resin, and reverse osmosis. That worked (expensively) but he went back to rainwater in the end.

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