Vital Numbers

How many ex-servicemen can still quote their service number?
Yet can’t remember their mobile phone number.


Yep, that would be me.

When I want a number of great importance I ask the wife.
It’s simple really, she is the memory wizard in our family.
Dates, numbers, birthdays, times, car registration plates of cars she owned from long, long, LONG ago. That and juggle 101 other things with aplomb.

Incidently I used to think that the ability to multi-task was an exclusively female trait but the MALE scientists in the world have decided that no one can actually multi-task just swap their attention rapidly from problem to problem. Um what’s the difference guys?

With us I’m Mr practical but it’s SWMBO who handles procurement.
Ever noticed that?
Mr Whoever may work in some really complex occupation but it’s the women in his life (from his partner/wife, to his secretary or even the cleaner) that handles him and sorts out the little things in life like shopping, food prep, and clean clothing, etc.

Then have you ever seen him try to sort out the things she has to juggle?
Especially the complexity of home life.
Nine times out of ten it aint pretty. (Stop laughing girls).

So where is this going?
Lone wolf verses a twosome I suppose.
Only I’m a firm believer that you also need the two different mindsets of male and female to boost your chances of survival.

Yet that’s not quite it is it?
It’s all in the character of the individual.
After all both sexes have their stereotypes, good and bad.
One thing I hate though is the cultural upbringing of some races that sees woman as a lesser being, weaker, less capable, and dependant on the male for everything.
If you ever get to work with female snipers you’ll soon appreciate their professionalism let alone female engineers and I’ve had loads of experience working with both of them.

So I’ve got a challenge for you prepping / survivalist couples.
It’ll probably end up in divorce but war is hell isn’t it?

(If it does end up with divorce, don’t blame me for your own failings).

Have a discussion on what your strengths are AND more importantly your WEAKNESSES with respect to survival and prepping. Together with what knowledge you have and what you’d like or even need to know. I think you’ll be surprised at what the other knows and perhaps a bit worried about what they don’t know.

It’s important that you both understand this is not an exam or a point scoring “game”, it can take a Q&A format BUT THIS MUST BE KEPT TO a constructive exchange of knowledge and thoughts.

If you are as close as what SWMBO and I are you’ll find that it will lead to an exchange of knowledge AND MORE IMPORTANTLY a discussion on how to improve things.

In survival there can only be one leader BUT even then, in a good pairing (or even a group) it’s a balance of skill sets and knowledge that makes the difference.

Interesting concept isn’t it?

As for the lone wolf?
Sorry mate, unless you are lucky enough to have a faithful dog as a companion, I don’t really rate your chances. You’ll have to sleep at some time and you will need someone to watch your back when you are concentrating on the important things in life and survival.

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  1. We have had these discussions often. Being a woman that is definitely NOT a feminist, the hubster and I definitely appreciate the differences and strengths of each sex. We have agreed that it takes both of us being on our game in order to have a well-rounded life.

    With regards to prepping, it is much the same. Communication and appreciating each other’s strengths. 🙂

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