Break In.

Today was one of those days when you wonder about quality control (if there is such a thing in modern manufacturing) and we found ourselves locked out of our floating paradise by a faulty lock. A disc lock not too different from this one.
Just a ‘tad’ bigger and ‘beefier’.

disclockThe innards of the lock had failed in such a way that you just couldn’t insert a key.
Only what’s a guy to do?
Especially as his bypass tools were safely locked away IN THE BOAT!

Know what security is? It’s a myth promulgated by insurance firms.
A delaying tactic at most, an inconvenience to some, and a challenge to others.
Only to the prudent prepper or survivalist, bypassing security is an essential skill.
You might note I’ve said BYPASSING.
That’s not being an idiot and using brute force i.e. ‘breaking and entering’.
The last thing you need to do is attract attention to yourself by smashing the place apart.
Apart from anything else it really pees people off more than what you’ve taken.

Side step for a minute.
Tell me, are you the kind of person that follows the Gray Man philosophy.
Planning your movements and constantly surveying your surroundings.
Walking into somewhere and looking for the security, exits, choke points, etc.
Then in your own home, do you look out for weak or weakening security.
Can you list the obvious and not so obvious ingress and exit points in your home?
Can you circumvent your own security?
I ask because if you can, so can someone else.

We do the same BUT despite our precautions and security, we still know how to access our own property (boat) through our security. It’s kinda hard too as we can only access through destructive means i.e. breaking and entering.

Back to today.
So today was no exception and we chose to attack the lock as opposed to destroying a perfectly good hardened hasp and staple and mucking up our paint job.
Ever drilled out a lock cylinder in a quality security disc lock?
It’s “interesting and character building” i.e. bloody hard BUT the secret is to start small, not forgetting to use hard plate drills and locking the “anti drill” plate over the weaker lock cylinder.

With the right equipment to hand it took less than 5 minutes.
That’s all it took to kill a decent quality high security padlock.
Remember, security is a delaying tactic at most, an inconvenience to some, and a challenge to others.

Reflect on that one guys and girls.
You think you’re safe behind those locks?
Dream on and think quantity over singleton quality.
I say that because there is always someone out there with the tools and skills to circumvent security.
The problem for them is time and the only way to discourage them is to make the task of gaining entry one long “exposed in the open” problem.

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9 Responses to Break In.

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Those are easily picked locks.
    Straighten both clips leaving only a turned end to manipulate with your hands.
    Base of the keyway (bottom) insert one clip and apply the slightest of pressure clockwise. Second clip, insert into the pinway. Feel around and the touch the pins while ever so slighty stroking. Concentrate on the pins. Should be five on that type lock, so you must feel the pin move. In about one minute it opens. Practise and do it in ten seconds (as I used to do). Should the lock be oxidized, some lubricant should be sprayed into the keyway and let it sit another twenty seconds. Frozen, get a piece of newspaper, twist it and set afire to thaw the inner parts of the lock but do not touch the lock without gloves, and pick with the two paper clips.

    • Shrouded cam lock. You need the proper tool to pick that.

      I did the WD40 treatment though but no joy using two sets of keys.

      This was a 6 month old lock that just failed.

      Now had it been a pin tumbler lock, no problem.

  2. DM says:

    I’m a carpenter so my metal skills are not on the same par as wood working…;-) I know my grandpa taught me to start with a small bit and start slow when attempting to drill through something hard, so I’m tracking you there ..but what’s an anti drill plate look like?

    • A high quality steel plate which a standard HSS drill is too soft to even mark.

      I’ve even had an automatic punch bounce off it without a mark.

      IF you look at a quality lock it is usually a thin plate which covers the inner workings.

  3. jlm990 says:

    Being in the security profession myself, your assessment is right on. The more you can make them spend time and make noise, the better. But there is no such thing as perfect security.

    • gamegetterII says:

      150 lb Rottweilers and 12 gauge shotguns near every door make damn near perfect security.

      • YeeHa.
        Only not possible in the UK as even using harsh language or a dog like this is considered VERY antisocial.

      • gamegetterII says:

        I’m waiting on a litter of puppies to be born,so I can get another Rottweiler from the same bloodline as the one that died back in the spring.
        He scared the heck of people who didn’t know him.
        If they only knew the worst thing he was going to do was lick them-unless they appeared to be a threat to anyone in the family.
        He always stayed by the smallest or youngest person when we had a bunch of people over. He only went after one guy-who fully deserved it-I almost let him go,only time I saw the dog that mad-his hair stood up along his back,was growling and baring his teeth.
        One in 13 years to a guy who deserved made him a really great dog.
        Just having that big of a dog serves as a deterrent-there was a period when peoples garages were getting broken into-every house on the street except for mine,and the neighbor who had a Rottweiler and a black lab.
        Dogs are the worlds best alarm system

      • No argument from me. Dogs rule.

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