Doomsayers and Gold

I just don’t know about Word Press.
According to the ex-spurts TEOTWAWKI in the form of financial collapse will happen within the next few days.

Or is it weeks.
Hang on that might be months.
Gulp. It’ll definitely be some time next year (sort of).

Anyway one thing is common.
All they are worried about is their precious stocks and shares becoming worthless.

Lets look at some of the hype from a random search.
(Well all of 30 seconds worth of cut and paste).
China PANIC May Begin QE on Metals as Conditions Hit Financial Crisis Level!
Heading Toward The Greatest Collapse Of All Time
Sandy Sandfort, Michael Pento: ‘Buy and Hold Gold’
Silver inventories at low levels
Oil is old news, gas is the new gold.

Had enough yet?
If you haven’t I can keep going FOREVER as the Doomsayers have been forecasting the end of the financial world since. . . . FOREVER!

With the world being pulled apart by wars, mass invasion of the Muslim kind affecting Europe, (dare I mention global warming), and Fukushima’s radiation poisoning the whole of the West coast of America, all a minority of people are worried about is their portfolios.

With so many things that can kill you today, does anyone else think it a bit pathetic that these ‘people’ are more concerned about a balance sheet than whether they get targeted by some “lives matter” group and beaten to a pulp or WW3 breaks out?

Hows about them thinking that wealth will save them.
Hang on though.
At least they will be comfortable in their misery until the end.

Only that is the way of the West isn’t it?
Money before God, Country, and Family.

Preppers and survivalists may hold some precious metals and a wad of money but in the main they concentrate on the things that will keep them alive.

Little things like guns and ammo, food and clean water, medicines, etc.

Now you could argue that to survive you need money.
If the world keeps staggering into the predicted financial collapse that’s probably right except what happens if money is rendered worthless.


I suppose they’ll have to resort to paying a visit to the ATM


One question though.
What are they going to use to pay for it?

There again you will be able to shop with it.
Providing any shop actually has stock.
Now at last your precious metal will come into its own.
Or will it? Take a can of beans.
How far could your wealth go?


Some will say the rich have invested in their survival and thus won’t need anything,


OK, if that’s going to be the case, why will they need money let alone precious metals?
I submit all these lot are doing is hoping that their wealth will remain viable after whatever event has finished.

Guess what I am going to find really funny? If it doesn’t.

Even better I can’t wait until it dawns on them that the new nouveau rich will be those who know how to “do things” and they (now worthless) get the ‘privilege’ of latrine duty, 24/7/365.


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7 Responses to Doomsayers and Gold

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Interesting, as indications are that those whom have much to lose, might be the ones pushing to initiate WW3.

    Latrine Duty: Next “day job” for current elected politicians.

    I agree, food, ammunition, petrol, will be priority items if, anything were to happen. Secondary skills of water well driller, or wood boat builder, and many other skills will be on top, rather at the bottom.
    Question is, where will the uninitiated masses obtain their daily bread from, not government? I observed hundreds of people after the flood (2012) walking around shell shocked, without potable water, without food, without clothing, without blankets, without fire or the ability to cope with the situation. The local fire department was swarmed by people while handing out MREs and then, the gluttony began where people were trying to pilfer MREs for extra contents to their liking. Some boasted of hoarding food intended to be distributed. Children and elderly literally pushed away by swine seeking “more”.

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