Water and fallout come WW3.

It’s going to be tight for us trying to store the 2 gallons (9 litres) of potable (drinkable) water a day for 14 days that may be needed. (Thinking BOOM)

That’s 28 gallons, 128 litres.
Our boats water tank capacity is only 40 gallons, 180 litres when topped off.

You’re probably thinking that a spare capacity of 12 gallons, 54 litres is plenty only all three of us will be showering almost instantly a CBRN event occurs.

Three? Me, SWMBO, and dog.
Decontamination during those initial hours is vital as that is when any fallout dust on you is radiating at it’s worse.

So us using a couple of gallons each for a shower?
That’s half our reserve gone on day one.

Thus I’m hoping for rain.
LOTS of rain towards the end of the 14 days.
Only what if there isn’t?

The good news is at 14 days we can go out and start looking for covered water sources.
It may not be completely safe BUT that’ll take approximately 14 weeks to get close to the original ‘pre bang’ readings.

Why not stay in for 14 weeks?
Well at 2 gallons a day that’s 196 gallons, 890 litres.
A standard bathtub holds approximately 38 to 46 gallons, 175 to 210 litres.

Some will be thinking “Why not go to the now abandoned shops?”
Only what about the living dead that have already looted them during those 14 days.
Them who will be desperately sick, probably contaminated and dangerously so.

Think about that.
Can you survive until the big die off has occurred without coming in contact with “what’s left”? (approximately 3 months)
You can’t help those who are dying even if they say they are feeling better.
That’s the bad thing about ARS (acute radiation syndrome), you get ill, you feel better, then you die.

A quick chat on radiation.

It comes in three types, in all sizes of particles (Link)
Alpha (stopped by paper or clothing)
Beta (thin metal stops this),
Gamma (think heavy-duty Lead (pb), Concrete, Earth, Air)

Typical Fallout shelter material thickness’ are:-
10 cm (4″) of lead, 60 cm (2′) of concrete, 90 cm packed earth, 1500 m (9/10 mile) of air.
All reduce your dosage by a factor of 1024 times (210)

Time is also a factor.
After   7 hours you are receiving 1/10 of the initial level.
After 49 hours you are receiving 1/100 of the initial level.
After 14  days you are receiving 1/1000 of the initial level.
After 14 weeks you are receiving  1/10,000th of the initial level.

That’s why they say time (the duration of radiation exposure) and distance (how far you are from it and how good your shielding is) affect your survivability.

There is a heck of a lot of confusion about measuring radiation as they kept changing the units of measurement AND a lot of preppers use antiquated equipment calibrated in “old world units”.

I’m a rad sort of guy. Cold war thinking.
So here’s some numbers I know are right. (But you should still check them)

25 rad: lowest dose to cause clinically observable blood changes
200 rad: local dose for onset of erythema (peeling) in humans
400 rad: whole body LD50 for acute radiation syndrome in humans

Lethal dose (LD50) is the amount of an ingested substance that kills 50 percent of people.

For general purposes most physicists agree that the Roentgen (r), Rad and Rem
may be considered equivalent.

  • 25 rad / 250  mGy / 250 mSv / 25 Rem Will change your blood work.
  • 40 rad / 400 mGy / 400 mSv  / 40 Rem  A short Burst will cause Radiation Sickness
  • 100 rad / 1000 mGy / 1000 mSv / 200 Rem (Reference Amount / link to article)
  • 200 rad / 2000 mGy / 2000 mSv / 200 Rem  Acute Radiation Sickness, some fatal
  • 400 rad / 4000 mGy / 4000 mSv / 400 Rem Usually fatal
  • 800 rad / 8000 mGy / 8000 mSv / 800 Rem Will cause a 100% Fast Death Rate
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4 Responses to Water and fallout come WW3.

  1. Rifleman III says:

    I recall training back in the 20th century, and told skin pores absorb more than inhalation processes.

    • I was told that too except then it was pointed out in later years that you can wash stuff off skin, but you can’t flush out the lungs.
      Hence my love affair with a damn good respirator.

  2. Thank you for the info! Good to have this available in light of all that is happening….

  3. gamegetterII says:

    Can you store water in large plastic tanks on your boat?
    Over here,we can buy spring water by the gallon for around $1.00 a gallon and 3/12 gallon containers with a spout at the bottom for under $3.00 each.
    What about storing water in similar small containers on your boat?

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