Too close

The rule of personal space are simple.
If someone gets too close to you they can cause you harm.
Only what’s close?

riotIt don’t matter here,
The numbers against you are too many.

One on one?
If you can make out the facial features of someone
They are within 25 feet (Almost 8 meters)

  1. At a walking pace 3 mph, 25 feet can be covered in just under 6 seconds.
    A person walking determinately AT YOU is thus an IMMEDIATE THREAT.
  2. At a running speed of 12 mph, that 25 feet gets covered in 1.5 seconds.
    You haven’t got a lot of time have you?

Notes about distances aka picking detail out in good light:-

  • 100 m A person’s eyes appear as dots
  • 200 m You can tell the skin colour of someone i.e. Black or white.
  • 300 m The outline of a person can be made out but not much else.
  • 500 m People are vague shapes, you can make out animals like cows and sheep but not smaller ones
  • 1 km You can make out trunks of large trees
  • 2 km You can see chimneys and windows
  • 5 km Windmills, large houses, and unusual buildings can be picked out
  • 10 km Church Steeples, radio masts, and other high structures

You must maintain space between you and ‘them’.

Only what do you do if someone gets too close?

  • Ask for space if you need it, and back that up with a non threatening gesture for them to back off.
    If they comply, look for giving ground by the same distance i.e. DOUBLE the distance between you and them.
  • If they WON’T COMPLY DEMAND SPACE and back that up with a non threatening gesture for them to back off.
  • If they still won’t comply, ACT FAST AND HARD.
    The objective being to disable the threat and get away.

goodbetterAlmost finished.
If you have reached the stage where you have to strike, you have become too close to your aggressor. It might not be your fault BUT if they are close enough for you to strike, they are close enough to strike you. Just in case you are wondering, all four of the above strikes work just as well on women as on men.

And finally.
So far I’ve not spoken about weapons.
It’s a difficult subject for me to talk about “officially” because of where I live i.e. the UNTIED (not a typo) Kingdom (UK).

A country where they prefer the general public to be reactive targets for criminals and terrorists to practice on by preventing you from carrying the most basic of weaponry.

However UK law says you are allowed to defend yourself to lethal level if you think your life is threatened. Nice of them to allow that isn’t it?

As for you who live in more civilized countries?
Up close your defence tools are best used as ambush weapons.
Never brandish them, don’t tell them what you’ve got, NEVER EVER play bluff, just deploy what you have and use it until the threat ceases to be a problem.

Preferably leaving only you and your own to explain what happened.

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