Rope Notes

  • Knots
    A knot will reduce the strength of your rope by approximately 1/3.
    Figure-eight follow-through. breaks at 75 to 80 percent of the rope’s full strength.
    Bowline breaks at 70 to 75 percent
    Double fisherman’s breaks at 65 to 70 percent.
    Clove hitch breaks at 60 to 65 percent.
  • Wet/Dry
    Nylon rope will lose 10% to 20% of its strength when wet.
    Polyester and dyneema lose no strength when wet.
  • Age
    A rope loses about 2 to 5% of its strength per year . It ages.
    Even when it is kept like-new and even if it has never been used.
    Polypropylene is very UV sensitive.
  • Stretch
    Polypropylene will stay stretched over time.
    Nylon stretches and can absorb shock loads
    Polyester rope resists abrasion not as stretchy as nylon.
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