Fuzz is good.

Match light mentioned it, fuzzing match sticks increases the surface area thus they will burn faster and some say hotter.


Only don’t stop there!
Lighting a fire is easier with tinder that has been feathered or fuzzed.
Always split sticks in the wild as the wood under the bark is usually dry.


From tinder, to kindling, to even your fuel, a good split and feather makes for a hot starter BUT when you want to keep a fire burning all night, keep things whole.

Having said that, I have watched tenderfoots searching vainly for suitable tinder when there was loads of fallen kindling and fuel sized wood.
All they had to do was split the available wood.

That and they forgot about the simple things in life:-
Bored at night, in the day, using the toilet, or between meals? FUZZ!
You can never have enough FUZZED wood.

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