Match Light.

I watched in silent laughter as a smoker tried in vain to light a cigarette in the howling wind and had to give up. Yep, I’m the worse sort of ex-smoker, the type who gave up smoking through will power.

Only there is a serious point to this and it does involve survival skills with a box of matches.  So here’s a few pointers for those who still like them.

  • Keep them dry. Not only the matches but the box they are in.
  • Slip a trick cake candle inside the box, the one that won’t go out but self re-ignites.
    It’s not infallible BUT can get you out of a jam.
  • Use strike anywhere matches and avoid “safety” types.
  • Dip the match heads into hot wax to coat them. It will help keep damp out.
  • When lighting hold the match closely to the head.
    With cold hands it’s easy to put too much pressure on the delicate match stick.
  • Shave the match stick towards the match head. The feathering or fuzzing will help the stick to catch fire.


Lastly is a plea.
If you use a shelter where someone has left a survival fire, please leave it as you found it.
Clean, well stocked with tinder, kindling, and sticks. Fire laid and ready to go.

Add a ‘full match bow’ with matches laid out as follows.
This way cold hands may have a chance of lighting the fire.
The candle will give someone a further chance of survival.


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4 Responses to Match Light.

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Shaving the stick. Never thought of that. Learned something.
    Strike anywhere matches getting harder to find and at premium cost. Nanny elected officials are affraid of matches and believe only strike anywhere matches cause arson. I know, it’s very boneheaded thinking of liberals.

    If the match is in windy conditions, old sailor’s way taught to me by my uncle the tug boat captain, is tobackhand the match strike and cup with hands as it lights.

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