Big Boyz Air Pistols


As you can see I’m a little unhappy.
Living in the UK, my choice of power in an air weapon (without some idiot claiming I own a firearm) is 6 foot pounds for a pistol and 12 foot pounds for an air rifle.

So in the main air pistols are useful for dispatching rats, mice, and squirrels in a trap when pest controlling. Close range (inches), using .22 (5.6mm).

Then I read this list of available power houses in pistol format and once again I’m thinking “And I live in the UK because?”

Ho hum.

.22 caliber pcp hunting air pistols:
625 fps resulting in 28 foot pounds of power.
.25 caliber pcp hunting pistols:
850 fps resulting in 50 foot pounds of power.

Right the way up to this particular air “pistol” a 50 cal PCP big boyz toy.
121 ft/lbs with a 185 grain pellet at 540 fps. (Evanix)
Weight: 8.40 lbs, Barrel Length: 18.50″
Overall Length: 35.00″


I think I’m in love.


Yet why am I so keen on air power as opposed to the mighty firearm?
It’s simple really. The propellant is air.
Thus the only thing I’m likely to run out of is ammunition and I can cast that!

Now much as I like firearms, air (especially on lower powers) is quieter than the sharp bark of a firearm. Only it’s not the poor relative. It’s not wimpish, and not a toy in the right persons hands.

For instance in the various conflicts through history air weapons have been used with great effectiveness. For instance the grand daddy of air rifles was the the famous Girandoni rifle, could shoot 51 cal at up to twenty shots a minute. With a reported ‘smack’ of between 80-110 ft.lbs though a 12 groove rifled barrel.

Then there is this.


Made in the 1940s during WWII by a partisan during the Nazi occupation in WWII.
11.76 mm lead ball (.463″ caliber)

Finally there was that Gen. Patton thingy.
A broken neck by being shot by a super size air gun during a staged car crash.
Rubber bullet some claim, steel rivet say others.
So say yes (mainly officialdom) some no (including the guy who said he did it.)
Myth or legend? You decide.
Then there were the air canes, umbrella air weapons used to ‘introduce’ ricin loaded pellets under the skin by the KGB.

Low power, short range?
Yep, but does that matter when death is guaranteed and the bad guy has a chance to get away having discharged his weapon in public?

Still it’s all Interesting.
Especially when you consider their use in modern life against large game.
I’m thinking the Hatsun .35 (9 mm) pushing out and average 85 ft.lbs.
Or the Sam Yang Dragon Claw, .50 cal. projectile and get 230 ft-lbs.

Anyway, and still sighing, for now I’ll go back to my 12 ft lb bunny meat making weapon and dream.

Still think on this one.
A well-aimed pellet over 50 yards, discharged with a whisper, no flash, and even if you are wearing safety glasses, I’ve got sooo many other points I can strike that will either just  “distract your attention” or may ruin your day.

After all a projectile weapon is just a tool and so many people think size and power is the “be all” when actually it’s the ability to place the lead accurately that really matters.

Only I still miss the thumping I got from my Drag’ and these two puppies.

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