Forced Entry

This article is for entertainment and information purposes only.
It is not my intention to demonstrate techniques or encourage forced entry.
Gaining unauthorised access is illegal. Do not break the law.

rotglmanUnless the Rule of Law isn’t any more. rotglman

Forced Entry.
Lets look at this subject from the view to gaining entry in a survival scenario to save life. You may be faced with high security hasps, staples and padlocks.


What are you going to do?
Pick them, cut them, file them, or smash them off. You choose!
Looking at this practically, life could get real hard taking on too much security.
It’s going to take time, energy, and no way will it be quiet.
Not forgetting some locks are “unpick-able” within a sensible time frame.

So what’s going to be your Plan B, your “I’ve got to get in here” solution?

What about shooting things off? Ever tried that?
Hollywood and shooting locks off and splitting chains with a single pistol or SMG round.
It doesn’t work most of the time, is expensive in time, preparation (clamping things), and as noisy as hell even with sound moderators fitted. You may be able to cut the gun noise down but you sure as heck can’t cut down the impact noise.

Our well equipped paramilitary followers could probably do it with the correct application of explosives, only that too will be “expensive” in terms of noise.

Thinking about tooling, Fire departments and LEO’s have to get in to buildings using non destructive and destructive methods. For the most part they use simple tools and those tools are readily available or easy to make. For example the fireman’s Halligan and using the back of an axe as a sledge hammer is highly effective as is a ducks bill (which may be made from a pick axe) to pop padlocks and hasps alike. (Ref Looter, Pry, Cut, Hit, Pick )

Speed is what you need when using destructive access methods as that may be the only counter you have to the noise you have generated.


Speed and me, Ha!
See why this article is for entertainment only?

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6 Responses to Forced Entry

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Halligan and sledge hammer, work quickest and have seen the FDNY open gates with assumingly inpregnable locks.
    Have also known a locksmith in NYC who was known for his jittery demeanor, he was a great guy, and said his apartment door with multiple locks and lengthened screws at the hinges, he would always leave one lock, unlocked. Why? Because quite a few burglars know how to pick locks, and believing they were opening each lock, would actually lock one lock. Slowing them down and trying to figure out what is going on. Then the burglar reverses everything, but now locks all but one lock.
    How that guy stayed up all night thinking of that, I can only say, aside from him being a nice guy, he was a genius with locks.

  2. LOVED our Halligan. Expensive to buy on the outside but they were damn good tools. There was the occasional “shotgun breach” and the famous “Stryker breach”.

    Funny story I designed a field-expedient battering ram that would fit onto the front of the slat armor and fold, so when we initially hit a target house the lead truck (or follow-on vehicle) could ram the door to the courtyard for immediate entry. The mechanics were going to fabricate one for me but our commanders didn’t seem interested.

    In hindsight I should’ve had them build it for me anyways…

    • A tip for you. You’ve probably heard of the Fu-Bar wreaking tool.
      On Youtube there are a couple of good instructionals on conversion to a mini Halligan.

      I prefer my micro pickaxe. Cut as shown.

      As for Commanders, Staff officers, Shiney’s, or whatever derogatory term you used for them. These are the same guys who will reprimand you after an all nighter because you haven’t shaved and think by doing so they are demonstrating “initiative”.

  3. gamegetterII says:

    The various wrecking bars are sometimes much harder to use than a simple cordless sawzall with the correct blade and a fully charged battery-cut through anything in seconds.

    • True but I can drop or even break a pry bar and walk away from it.

      With a battery sawzall I’ve got to charge it, maintain it, and it’s noisy in operation.

      Like a lot of my bitz and pieces, a bar has multiple uses one of which is a weapon. Visions of the chain saw massacre come to mind with a sawzall. Looks good on film, “might” not be effective in real life.

      • gamegetterII says:

        I cut through all kinds of steel,copper,plastic,old nails and screws,lag bolts,carriage bolts ,etc. almost daily-cutting off a lock takes less than 10 seconds,and makes very little noise-even a good lock,like the $75.00 one I had to cut off of my boat trailer because someone had tried to force it open,and it was jammed.

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