Handicapped Survival

Only what do you call handicapped?
Elderly, physically, mentally, dependent on medication, or needing a special diet.
These are a few of the generally thought of categories when talking about the handicapped.

Yet can any of the above survive as well as someone from say 11 to 50 years and able?
I contend a few will but you can increase your chances by training and being equipped for a survival scenario.

It is estimated (by some expert) that the majority of those over 70 years of age,  especially the physically handicapped, or those dependent on drugs, will die within the first thirty-days of a full on national disaster. I’ve actually not got a problem with that guesstimate only there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

Plan well ahead, prepper style.

  • The objective is NOT to have to exert yourself more than is absolutely necessary.
  • Build a substantial supply of your personal medications.
    Research alternatives, preferably natural ones.
    If you need injectable meds, stock up on needles and syringes.
  • Pay close attention to climate control
  • Concentrate on obtaining a clean source of water and keeping hydrated.
  • If you have special diet requirements, think BASIC FOODS not exotic.
  • Be very careful about your personal hygiene.
  • Think hard about PPE and SAFE WORKING.

As a general rule, the elderly and handicapped don’t “bounce back” as well as the young with respect to healing or physical strain. So, care for yourself!

Climate control.
If you feel cold or too hot, your climate control sucks.
I’m not going to quote you a range of temperatures to keep within, that’s pointless. Everyone is different so all I’ll say is remember the acronym COLD.

  • Keep CLEAN
  • Don’t OVERHEAT
  • Wear LAYERS,
    Donning or shedding them to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • And keep DRY

The object is to feel comfortable within your body and be fully aware of the temperature of your extremities. I’m talking about your head, ears, nose, fingers and toes.

There are a couple more things that are vital.

  • Keep HYDRATED. That’s absolutely VITAL if you are elderly.
    Especially in the cold!
  • SLEEP when you can and BEFORE YOU NEED TO i.e. don’t get over tired.

As for the rest?
Can you shoot? IF NOT LEARN!
The handicapped may not be able to run, climb, and lug loads, but anyone can learn to use a firearm.

It’s nearly always a question of BRAIN OVER BRAWN in survival.
Always think about problems in terms of gain over effort
The handicapped can often think their way round problems as they have to do that on a daily basis as they may not be able to rely on brute strength.


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  1. yokel. says:

    anyone relying on outside help, an agency or non family person, may not survive in a post SHTF situation as that help may no longer be around.

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