Going Up

goingupIn another 30 cm we are
Going to be at the
flood plain level

This is going to be an
interesting night.

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7 Responses to Going Up

  1. Does that mean you will not be tied onto the dock anymore? Yikes!

  2. Rifleman III says:

    Slack the lines and toss the anchor. I set empty plastic one gallon milk jug tied with a very large loop of paracord around the chain so it will not snag anyone’s props.

    All in all, it should be a jolly good time. All aboard wear life preserver vest/flotation vests until everything subsides. Sometimes freak currents roll down canals with similar rise in water levels.

    Good Luck Old Man.

    • No need my friend.
      The mooring pins and long lines are already set just in case. We’ll be fine, as always.

      You see all round me are experienced liveaboard narrow boaters, not Sunday sailors.

      • Rifleman III says:

        Had two schools of salts around me. One, the Oldtimers, who are seasoned through all weather, we stick together. The other, the guy with more money than brains, who will usually tighten the lines to the max, and wonder why his boat either broke loose or went keel-up.

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