That inner voice

Part of Self Defence – That inner Voice

When all other visual and audible clues are missing.
When there is no data or communications to confirm your fears.
But you still feel something is wrong. What other thing can you rely on?

This article is all about listening.
NOT with your ears but listening to that inexplicable feeling you sometimes get that something is wrong. It’s that thing when driving that you just know the idiot in front is going to do something STUPID! No reason for it, it’s just that gut feeling.


I recall a couple of statements that go “if you think something is wrong it usually is” or “Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.” On the streets they are powerful aids for survival.


Female intuition
Some ‘experts’ dismissively say that it is an evolutionary genetic trait. A survival skill brought about by the need to read the intentions of persons who could hurt them and their offspring. Certainly when it comes to reading non verbal communications, most women are streets ahead of men. To me, to have that ‘skill’ available is priceless.

It doesn’t stop there though.
Intuition has been described as “intellect without fear” and “a state of logic beyond logic or experience.” I just know it as a gut feeling.

Luckily that sixth sense is strongly exhibited by my wife.
Something that I learnt to trust a long time ago.
“Don’t go there” or “Something is wrong” in all manner of situations.
Finally I add the “I don’t trust them” uttered within minutes of meeting someone.
So far it’s been a 100% correct call on her part.
She says that there is no reason for her judgement, it’s just a feeling, however it’s been proven repeatedly that she has picked up on something REAL which she couldn’t have possibly seen, heard, or smelt. How does she do it? “I just knew” is the usual answer.

Professional “gut feelings”
In military high stress situations that sixth sense can literally save your life. It’s the ‘knowing’ that something is not right. That “feeling” you are being watched or not alone.

As a lone night worker, the routes and locations I used to travel were a mixture of rural and urban. Many a time I have been “unsettled” by something, that feeling that all is not quite right that makes you think twice about leaving the car, entering a building, or even carrying out a task. It’s quite common in lone outdoors workers (especially night workers) that they will tell you they start to pick up on non tangible things.

It’s the same when working with the most dangerous animal of all THE GENERAL PUBLIC.
Especially in high stress environments. You start to pick up on things.

ESPECIALLY Aggression, fear, unstable personalities, and liars.

You can “train to notice” things i.e. profiling BUT after a while you just KNOW something is wrong. Those who can’t usually end up HURT!

Doggy sixth sense.
I have been walking down paths and the dog has blocked further access.
No definite reason, just a “I wouldn’t go down there” sort of thing.
Sat at home the dog starts to growl. I have heard nothing yet when I’ve have checked, there is always something there. Remember the owl incident?
I have driven down roads at night and the dog gets distressed YET on other nights it’s fine. How to explain that? Dogs have senses we can only dream of developing. They hear all, smell things that we would never have noticed, and pick up on things that are just not “right”.

That is IF YOU CAN PICK UP ON THAT PROMPT and trust your dog!

Applying this to survival.
As a rule I always try to think with my head and not my heart i.e. emotions YET there are times when you have to listen to your inner self, your intuition, that gut feeling.

You can train all you like for events, practice drills and responses to situations yet occasionally your GUT FEELING is probably more accurate than your assessment of what is actually going on.

Where it works for me is in preventing me “blindly” walking into a situation I shouldn’t have got into in the first place.

On the other hand, too much thought, too much intuition can induce a choking like effect on your thought processes.. It can cloud the mind causing confusion and the body into immobility.

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19 Responses to That inner voice

  1. Andy says:

    I am very ‘hearing challenged’, completely deaf in my left ear, and about 50% gone in my right. Over the years, without even realizing it, I have grown to depend on my dog and other animals to fill in the void. Many years ago, and many miles from city streets, I was camping and my pack donkey started getting very unsettled. A few minutes later the biggest wild boar I’ve ever seen just sauntered in to camp and got himself immediately shot dead. Without that donkey the thing would have been on top of me before I knew what was happening.

  2. Rick says:

    excellent article!

  3. Important article for everyone. All of us have intution. Scientists call it pattern recognition. Trust it, always.

  4. DP says:

    Good post. I drove a tractor trailer in my previous life. :). It’s been quite a few times I felt something just wasn’t right…esp. around Baltimore and Philly…so I quickly moved on.

    I’ve added you as a resource over at and will follow your posts. Good stuff!

    All the best,


  5. Linda Smith says:

    I raised 6 boys & many times before they started out for the evening or introduced me to a “new” friend, etc. I would tell them, “Nope, not a good idea”. They hated it, especially when it turned out I was always right. They’re all in their 40s now & they still call Mama if they feel unsure about something. Haha

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