Brown-out UK

RUGELEY coal-fired Power Station in the West Midlands of England is closing this summer.

Rugeley B power station was commissioned in 1970 and will close in the summer of 2016. It has an output of 1,000 megawatts (MW) and has a 400 kilovolt (kV) connection to the national grid. The station provides enough electricity to power roughly half a million homes.

After that little bit of Wiki fact, the only question left has got to be:-
“Where is the power generation coming from to cover the loss of capacity?”

Some political comment has been made about “when nuclear stations are built” and “more gas-powered plants” except that’s in the future, not today and certainly not before winter of this year.

And as all survivalists know.
With so much that can claim lives today, promises from politicians about tomorrow will kill many of those who can’t afford to wait for their “sound bit” piped dreams.


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3 Responses to Brown-out UK

  1. yokel. says:

    I have been warning about loss of power generation since 2009.
    taking out more power stations than they are replacing is easy for anyone to do the maths.
    only 2 new power stations are being built, I say “being”, Hinckley Point isn’t even started yet just a bit of ground works they are stillarguing about the finance, and even when they start building it wont be “on line” until 2023, what happens in the meantime? stock up on those torches(flashlights), candles and batteries and wait for the lights to go out folks!!!

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