A knife question.

Prepper, survivalist, or just an everyday Joe (or Jane), the most useful thing you can carry is a knife.

WHOA! Hang on there!!
In the UK that’s tantamount to telling people to carry a weapon.
Except I’m NOT! Well sort of.
Aw, like hell I’m not, and I cite GIBBS RULE 9, Never go anywhere without a knife.

There is however such a thing as a UK legal knife.
Blade under 3 inches, non lockable, folding pen knife sort of thing.
Only you must have a good reason for carrying it and having PREPPER tattooed on your forehead is not enough.

So what’s a knife useful for?
Oh come on, if you’ve got to ask that you would probably cut yourself getting it out of the packet let alone opening the blade. Knives cut, open, sharpen, divide, gut and prepare food, used as tools (SWMBO goes mad at that one), in first aid, fishing, removing those annoying loose thread on socks, and many, many other things.

You’ll note I haven’t mentioned self-defence or even attack.
That’s because knife “crime” is on the rise in the UK.
They took away the guns or what else can the idiots use?
Only to use one in self-defence requires training to be effective, practised, and carried out in close combat distances i.e. within intimate distances.

Think about that for a second.
Close enough for you to cut them is plenty close enough for them to do the same to you.

Only there is that question, the one I haven’t asked yet, and it is a MASSIVE dig at the idiots who sell survival gear and this style of knife.

throwThrowing Knives, ARE YOU SERIOUS!

The selection shown was just a quick snapshot from a search engine.
(Trade and design names removed).
Who sells them is not so important as WHY they would be listed on a prepper or survival site or sold as CQB weapons in the first place? Why would you want to throw a weapon at someone with the very good chance that the average person would miss, or not use enough force to do any real damage, and ultimately hand them a weapon they can then attack you with!

Or is it just cool, a sales lead, or what is expected for zombie warfare.
Lets put that one straight to bed before anything else.
Distance is king in combat and if “they” get close enough to you most assailants can “damage you”. Especially zombies.
Only that distance (under 3 feet) can be covered REALLY FAST and a throwing knife has quite a short-range. Typically 10 -15 feet to impart any sensible degree of impact force.

There will be some saying “I can throw a knife 50 yards and never miss”!
Well bully for you! For the average person that’s not easily achievable.
As for the never miss bit? Take a wild guess what I’m thinking.


So let’s get back to distance, lets say 50 feet.
And someone is approaching you with harm on their mind.
Walking  speed 2 mph    (3 fps)    or 17 seconds to get inside your intimate (3 foot) zone.
Jogging   speed 5 mph    (7 fps)    or 7 seconds (Ditto)
Running  speed 10 mph (15 fps)  or 3 seconds (Ditto)
Sprinting speed 18 mph (26 fps) or 2 seconds (Ditto)
(One very angry zombie)

Now within those times you have to draw and throw your knife accurately and with enough force to stop someone. Only a zombie feels no pain and its intent is biting you as a minimum.
OMG, how stupid would you feel (let lone dead) if the knife missed, or stuck in but did nothing, and they just kept on coming?

As for the 2 seconds?
Try running at a target, flat-out, drawing and throwing your knife at it 50 feet away and an another at 20 feet. Then let me know what happened.
I’m pretty certain that some military will know where I’m coming from when I say YOU NEVER RELINQUISH A WEAPON TO AN ENEMY.

Only that’s exactly what you’ll be doing by throwing a knife and missing.

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4 Responses to A knife question.

  1. yokel. says:

    forget throwing knife’s, to any self respecting prepper or survivalist a knife is a TOOL and nothing else. I am of the generation where every male, adult or child, had a pocket knife and knew how to use it, usually the folding blade with the spike for “getting stones out of horses hooves” type.

    • Yeah, I had a horse that was a “puller” when tied. I had to carry a very sharp knife capable of cutting through a lariat VERY quickly in addition to the multiblade Boy Scout knife that I mainly used for getting stones out of my horse’s hooves while trail riding. (You have to watch out for those Boy Scouts. They’re real punks–helping old ladies across streets is just a cover for their more serious crimes! LOL) I still carry a small Swiss Army knife in my purse at all times. I mostly use the scissor! Begonia

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