Pellet Count

Oh hell, I’ve only got 2000 .22 air gun pellets.
10 arrows, and 20 snares.
Think that is enough?

Only what for?
Taking a rabbit.
One medium-sized one dropped with one pellet feeds the 2½ of us for two days as we bulk out the meal with veg, rice, or pasta.

Same rabbit, taken with my bow.
It still feeds the 2½ of us for two days etc. etc.

Take that same rabbit but snared.
Same o, same o.

So my point is?
Once a pellet is used it is gone forever BUT, the air gun being sort of silent, I can sit there and wait for the bunnies mate to see what’s happened. Only that’s a maybe in one site.

The arrow is recoverable but it’s one shot at one time.
Not so silent and quite frankly I’m a lousy shot with a bow.
Besides I haven’t worked out a way of shooting lying down under the camo net.

A snare is a force multiplier.
I put out 20, I usually catch something.
Even better I can cover a wide area.
Best of all, once set, I go home for a rest and a cup of tea returning before first light to pick up my catch. No excitement, no noise, no getting up tight, and no way getting cold just waiting for a target to happen.

2000 air pellets.
10 arrows and 20 snares.
At a pinch and being REALLY lucky that’s 2000 rabbit plus possibly double that with the silent, easily replaceable snares and the odd arrow.
Snares are multi-use for shelters, fishing, other trapping, self-defence, supporting cooking tins, and a good few more inventive little tasks.

Best bit about it? The arrows and snares work on large ‘meals on legs” too.
Diversity in method and force multipliers. The only way to go.

Only lets now think firearms for survival.


Are they quiet? No.
A good force multiplier when hunting? No.
Easy to source ammunition in “austere times”? No
Any other uses? Makes a good club.


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6 Responses to Pellet Count

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Over here? Nutjobs would complain that the rabbits need “safe spaces”.

  2. equippedcat says:

    Would a crossbow solve your accuracy/shooting from under camouflage issues? Or are those regulated in the UK?

    • I’ve got a xbow.
      No, not regulated (yet) BUT a no no to carry or use on wildlife (two footed or not).

      Although the xbow is a reasonably accurate tool out to 50 yards, it’s not quiet, I have to stand to reload it, That’s DEAD SLOW, and it’s not a force multiplier.

      It’s also instantly recognisable at distance when slung where as everything else hangs neatly under my moon / snow cape.

  3. yokel. says:

    it is illegal in Britain to hunt with ANY sort of bow.

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