Survival as master class in selfishness?

A discussion about responsibilities.

You can’t save everyone so save who you can.
Can’t remember who said that to me but it left its mark.
Over time that has evolved into a practical rule of life.
Where there are only two sorts to be saved.

  1. (And a no brainer), I will save my own first and foremost.
  2. Those who are useful to me and my own AND CAN CONTRIBUTE.

Everyone else? That would be a NO.

I was discussing this and some people got REALLY upset about “my attitude”.
Down to, “You have a responsibility to save all that you can“.
Um, no I haven’t.
I’m not part of the emergency services or the government.

So what if she appeared at your door asking for shelter for her baby?
Except what she means is shelter for both of them!
motherbabyHas she any skills we can use? Can she contribute?
Yes, Welcome.
No, Bye Bye lady.
If they can’t contribute anything to our survival what use are they to us or our ‘plus one’?
To take someone in is to assume responsibility for them and we have limited resources.

Have you no humanity?

So let me ask you a question. This appears at your door.


Would you take them all in? Probably not.
OK, lets reduce the numbers to 6.

6refugeesWould you take SIX?

If you say yes, you’ve either got unlimited supplies or a strong belief that your God will provide. Either way, you’ve now got you and your own, anyone you included because they were useful and contributed (who quite rightly might have something to say about it), PLUS 6.

Now here is the PROBLEM.
The extra demands on your resources to cover cleanliness, the danger to you of contagions, the extra waste disposal, sleeping arrangements, food and water, and not forgetting YOUR PERSONAL SECURITY.

Gets tough now doesn’t it?

SURVIVAL IS ABOUT BEING SELFISH with what you’ve got because you may have absolutely no idea when you will get a resupply. As such you MUST BE selective to those who are useful and can extend that time frame, and reject those who aren’t.

After all have you thought about what will happen the day you run out of food and water?
At best the six plus your “useful” move on.
Your problem?
You’ll have no food or water left.

May your God go with you.

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7 Responses to Survival as master class in selfishness?

  1. equippedcat says:

    A women with a baby and claiming useful skills, eh? How to know that she does not have another person or group just waiting for her to let them in some night? Is it even her baby? Are the skills real?

    Adding someone who is not personally known is always a critical and risky decision, never to be made quickly, and seldom in favor of a larger group. If you have four, and six apply, it makes no difference if they claim to have a doctor, mechanic, agricultural specialist, leather tanner, teacher and security expert; they are not joining you. You are joining them.

    Even if the decision is to accept new people, it would be wise to do it gradually. Woman with baby and medical skills? “Sure, you can stay in that shed over there; here are a couple of blankets and some food for tonight. We’ll talk tomorrow”

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Those who spent no time or effort preparing themselves and their families don’t deserve to be helped.

  3. yokel. says:

    there is a piece, I forget where it comes from, but it goes like this(from the point of view of the unprepared): no one will provide you with shelter, no one will feed you, no one will provide drinking water, no one will protect you, no one will provide medical attention.
    if you have neglected , failed or refused to complete any plans for your own survival you should be aware of these facts.
    it is not my job to look after you just because you neglected to do it for yourself.

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