Without a Moderator

robinson crusoe

Do people need other people for human contact?
I submit they do unless you want to turn into a complete basket case.
For most being alone for a long time without human contact is ALL BAD.
I’m not however talking about taking a simple time-out here.
I’m talking months to years on your own although lone working over time, especially night work, will cause the same effects.

Physically after a while, the stress of loneliness takes it toll.
It stresses the heart, you will probably suffer from high blood pressure, your general health will decline and thus you’ll start getting “nuisance illnesses”. Those who work predominately at night get more ulcers , they can build up insulin resistance (opening yourself up to diabetes), and heart disease.

Then there are the illusions, the imaginary things, real but not there.
As the mind totally losses it, reality blurs into wonderland only some of that wonderland can be terrifying.

It will muck your natural sleep patterns up, and as a result, your mental functions will decrease. The biggest shock though is you may start to exhibit signs of dementia, obsessive behaviour, irritability, anxiety, and demonstrate bad problem solving.

Why is that the biggest shock?
Because you won’t realise it is happening to you.

Ask a group of lone, especially night workers, and you’ll often hear tales of ‘unexplained things’. The absence of human stimulation  and another’s presence can also lessen concentration, confidence, and causes anxiety and indecision making it difficult to think through actions at speed to deal with any given scenario. It will nearly always raise stress levels. As for accidents, especially when the person is working in their natural dormant (sleep) cycle? Statistically they will increase.

Though this is much more than sleep deprivation, which is a common result of too long on your own, this is about keeping you sharp, on mission, and functioning efficiently.

The title of this article was “Without A Moderator”.
In this case, a moderator is someone else.
Someone to interact with. Someone to inject REALITY back into your life.
I submit that although a few people work better on their own, the average survivor NEEDS a moderator, someone to watch and prevent Compulsive Disorders, stop your performance from degrading, keep an eye on your safety, or just act as a companion.


Someone to also give you
the proverbial kick up the arse
when you need it!

Now a few people claim they are happiest when they are alone with their dog.
Stuff other humans sort of thing! (Can’t say I blame them either).
Only a dog can’t often tell you:-

  • To stop counting the amount of paces you take.
  • That you missed carrying out a vital maintenance task or,
  • That you missed seeing the guy sitting on the wall in plain sight or,
  • To get you to have a WASH and a decent meal!

All because you’ve got lackadaisical and situationally dysfunctional.

“A dog is always there”, I get in response to that one.
“It’s a sounding block, etc.” Only it isn’t.
It just allows you to speak out loud what your thought processes are.
It can’t moderate your discussion, put forward another point, or tell you you’re stupid and losing the plot.

It can however warn you of danger!
Only difference between you and a dog on that point?
You still think you’re smarter.

Only like a dog needs socializing with other dogs.
You ALSO have to socialize on a regular basis to prevent you losing control and possibly turning violent or the opposite, afraid of your own shadow.
That’s apart from you turning into a total jerk.

And finally, what’s the point of all this?
It goes back to the prepper/survivalists argument of what is best.
The singleton, pair, group, or colony.

Singleton, as detailed above
Pair, each acting as the other one’s moderator
Group, good socializing although there may be a degree of politicking.
Colony, Probably will turn into a dictatorship, rather like modern government has now!

Remember folks, wherever there is government,
Despite everything that is said about all animals being equal,
The reality is that someone in charge will be thinking:-
That some animals are more equal than others.

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10 Responses to Without a Moderator

  1. Hi.
    Some people have said that the ideal group of people is no more than 15, more than that brings tension.(Between 2 and 10 are ideal) As humans we also struggle to remember more than 19 names. Primal past…Hmmm maybe. I don’t act know of anyone who has more than 3 good friends( The kind you can rely on when things go sideways) Around 70% of the worlds population live in cities, remove plumbed water from the equation and half the world will die off in a matter of weeks. Civil unrest and looting will then halt food delivery and policing.Most week end warriors and preppers will fade fast as all the camo and guns wont help you when you are panicking. Its very different when people are shooting back at you. Small isolated groups would stand the best chance.( One unchallenged leader and a few followers) Like a troop of baboon’s. Luck will play a big part of it and things will be tough for a while. Eventually we would find balance again. Humans cant live in such high concentrations and its a miracle we don’t have much more in the way of psychopaths etc. As bad as it would be at least we would be free of Hollywood the Kardashians and Facebook Well that’s my humble opinion anyway. Great Blog. Dan

    • Thank you for your comments.
      It interesting the different views people have.

      I noted your “Small isolated groups would stand the best chance”.

      I agree BUT as group numbers grows, there is another aspect to be taken into consideration.

      It is preferable for the group to be gender balanced. It prevents a lot of ‘tension’. A few disagree with this notion usually quoting Polygamy as workable in some cultures / religion.

      OK that’s their view but I’ve seen the effects of ‘inbalance’ on group behaviour and know from experience it can cause problems.

      • Hi. Yes I totally agree with the balance needed. Also depends how bad things get. If it was at the MAD MAX end of the scale I think peoples ideas may change. Survival is a funny thing.. we will never really know till we do it hey. I have seen people do funny things to get by in life. I really think it all depends on how bad or how bad we perceive it to be.Thank you for your response. Dan

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