Salt Free Emergency Flares

CAUTION, Dangerous Advice.
This article is advice for preppers / survival to aid in rescue.
Check your local laws as in some places this may be seen as illegal.

This advice is all over the Internet on how to make Potassium Nitrate KNO3
For when you cannot get KNO3 rich stump remover. (Read the label)
Take an instant cold pack made with ammonium nitrate. You’ll need 40 grams.
Plus sodium-free salt, which is potassium chloride. You’ll need 37 grams.

Measure out 100 millilitres of water.
Dissolve the 40 grams of ammonium nitrate in the water.
Filter it into a pan using a coffee filter or equivalent.

Add 37 grams of potassium chloride and warm the solution over a gentle heat but don’t boil it , stirring until everything is dissolved.

Filter it again into a freezer capable container and chill it down.
It will start to form crystals. These you want!

When the crystals have stopped forming, drain off the remaining liquid (ammonium chloride) and leave the crystals to dry.

What you have left is potassium nitrate. Not a lot but no plan is ever perfect!

Uses? It’s a oxidizer.
A type of chemical which a fuel requires to burn and in this case the fuel will be sugar.

Useful for making home-made smoke flares for emergency signalling.
6 parts Potassium Nitrate, 4 parts sugar, 3 parts wax.
Remember, this ratio is by WEIGHT, not volume!
Mix Nitrate and sugar.
Melt wax, add the nitrate and sugar stirring well.
Pack the waxy mix into airtight tubes or aluminum foil.
On its own it will just burn, confined it smokes.
Add a field expedient fuse to light it.

CAUTION, when it’s lit, it will get VERY HOT!

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