Too Small

Damn I hate getting old(er) and simple tasks like threading a needle get harder!
So like millions of others I wear glasses for close up work.
Yet occasionally I suffer from CRAFT moment and forget to carry my close work glasses.
CRAFT moment?
It’s an acronym and stands for:-
Can’t, Remember, A, Flipping (word varies outside of polite society), Thing.

Thus how to do close work, REALLY CLOSE WORK without them?
1. Pinhole glasses.
They work by getting round being REALLY long or short-sighted i.e. you can’t see near because your eye has lost its power to close focus over time. Looking through a pinhole bypasses the lens defects and operates rather like a pinhole camera BUT without the inversion.

OK, same effect (but field expedient) can be obtained by simply sticking masking tape full of 1/8″ holes over your distance glasses.


Use any form of firearm peep sight.

enfield rearsight

The battle sight doesn’t work as well!

Want closer?

A simple water drop magnifier.
About 2 times magnification.

Any help?

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3 Responses to Too Small

  1. ‘Abby’ did the water magnifier in an episode of NCIS. And a couple of years ago they were experimenting with ‘water lens glasses’ for the poorer countries. Sometimes you wonder if we really need ‘progress’.

  2. equippedcat says:

    Carry a Fresnel lens (the size of a credit card) in your wallet

    • That’s another reason for this post as I do own a CC sized Fresnel.
      Only remember that CRAFT moment?
      Yep, I forget the wallet from time to time too.
      That, and I don’t carry it when shooting.

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