Handyman Training.
An important part of prepping and survivalism

The Norwegians call them altmuligmann.
My host explained it to me as an “all things possible man” after I asked him why he kept calling me that. I thought it quite sweet really.

Survival through the application of firepower.
Except all I seem to read about modern prepping and survivalism, or when becoming the mythical super being known as “a patriot”, is guns and ammo and “Do unto others before they do you first.” Why am I saying that? Because that’s what is coming across.

No longer Beans and bullets, it seems it’s just bullets and plenty of them.

I’ve really got to reassess who I “follow” on WordPress and other blogs.
It’s a bit depressing with the prospect of all the wannabe Rambo’s running round shooting one another.
As for the little people? I figure US survival will end up a ‘no win’ scenario for them.
Which is fine for me. You over there, me over here in La-La Land.

As for La-La land aka the UK?
I’m sort of unconcerned as the only threat is the authorities and their attack dogs (LEO’s, traffic warders, and uncivil servants). Plus a few idiots I’m sure.
Good news is there are precious few of them and that includes the armed forces.
Gangs will be fighting out their pathetic turf wars within their usual hunting grounds.
After all most of them are scared to leave the safety of urban camouflage and their ‘hood.
After all they might get mugged by a squirrel.

I’ve got proof of that theory (sort of).
One night an “ethnically challenged”, all male, 25-year-old and under, car load was travelling through the New Forest (UK, South Coast).

It broke down. Bit of a shocker, it was after all a BMW.

With no power or lights, and in a place (at that time) where cell phones didn’t work.
We think the plan was to wait till daybreak.
My friend and I were coming home from a rabbit shoot and stopped to see if we could help.
(I know totally stupid thing to do).
Yet when we pointed out that the nearest payphone was 1/4 of a mile up the road and within easy walking distance, the comment was “Is it safe, with all that wildlife, horses, cows, and things”. It was all I could do to not laugh although I could hear my friend in the van giggling well.

OK, back to the subject, handyman training.
Take RAMBO or even Mr. Macho (if his wife will let him out to play).
Their field tactics and survival training may be fantastic but can he unblock a sink?
Flying an attack helicopter may be a useful skill BUT can he maintain it?
Hows about change a fuse, or blow up a tire with air not explosives.
Or how to siphon fuel from vehicle to vehicle without smudging his lipstick whoops camo-paint?

When the grid goes down for ever and the pumps give up, it’s going to be not so much back to nature BUT adapting what you’ve got to suit the New World we’ll all be living in.
Little of the infrastructure of modern life will work once electricity generation has failed and that will encompass a wide swathe of things even Rambo and Macho man takes for granted.

That means nothing ‘on tap’ will work and flush toilets will probably be reduced to plant holders. Except for the resourceful. I wonder, does Rambo and Macho man poop? They never do in Hollywood.

Anyway the resourceful look at problems with a mind to solve, or at least work round them, and not just aerate them.

So have you the practical skills to solve even the basics of:-

  • Water and waste issues,
  • What are you going to do when gas stations can’t pump fuel.
  • Can you modify existing domestic systems to use some sort of alternative power.
  • Can you maintain buildings,
  • Weld, fabricate using basic metal.
  • Work with animals,
  • Work the land
  • Carry out basic carpentry, plumbing, and solve electrical supplies problems.

You see in my mind it’s all well and good knowing how to RAMBO your way through life, but there will be an afterwards.

Survival will always be a war (if you believe the hype). Only all wars end.

Even with my thought that after TEOTWAWKI occurs, the world will still be there.
Only nothing will ever be quite as easy as before.

dinosaurAdopt a dinosaur today!
We’re worth it!

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14 Responses to Handyman

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I’m always underestimated when it comes to fixing or making things. I like the fact that most folks don’t know I can do minimal electrical house, sink, a/c, window, door, toilet, and garbage disposal work. My in-laws took years to figure out I can some handyman stuff. I learned from other guys who are “pro” at handy work. A jack of all trades, a master of none is better than ONLY being a master of none. Did you hear that sound? It was me tooting my own horn. Ha!

  2. Mel says:

    Much to ponder on there , as for my situation, I’m skinny ,60 and not great at fighting,
    I am however well versed in the building trade and happy to hope I can survive semi unscathed.
    House is converted already so I’m on the way.

  3. We’re making a space for you Dino!

  4. Rifleman III says:

    For every combat soldier, there are an estimated twenty soldiers in support. Mundane job tasks performed, while the platoons and companies turn out. I was a machine gunner, and considered as, dead meat walking. When a short-timer, I never was held in, and always sent out. Many said that was the surest way to kill me off. For those who never tasted combat, I will say, that it is the absolute worst experience. Learn carpentry, or whatever you like, but keep your mind and hands working, and away from thoughts of war. Of course, if some fool in government decides to turn the military against the citizens (here in the U.S.), there are many similar to myself, whom are willing and have the experience, to end the fight the government stooges, start. The government knows this fact. I wonder why, the government never gave more effort to the economy, and keep people working, the hands and minds, occupied with work, rather than idle, and ready for some action which neither serves the nation nor themselves. I busy myself with rope rigging, whittling, and gardening chores, aside from looking after my grandchildren. My wife, a Democrat and Liberal (hey, I like her cooking), usually has a difference of opinion from myself, and I generally let her have her way, at times right up to when I know that something not positive will happen. I am the Yang to her Ying (or whatever it is). Everyone knows, in case of emergency, break glass, and the one-man bazooka team is turned loose.

    • Old skills like old soldiers never die they just get a bit rusty, slow, and sometimes wear slippers!

      I’m still only really happy with a rifle in my hands except there isn’t much call for that particular skill set in civilian life UK outside of pest control. (Yet)

      My wife (who hates all politics and politicians) is also a good cook and likes to make me pies and stews out of anything I shoot, provided I do all the preperation!

      As for fighting again?
      It may come to that but close enough to hurt is close enough to get hurt and I don’t bounce very well now. Gone is the stupidity of youth.

      Still you don’t get older without getting wiser thus (like in another life) those who come looking for me may not see me but will still definetly feel the sting.

  5. yokel. says:

    was having a similar conversation on a UK site which i’m a moderator on. person was saying even after SHTF and the power grid is gone for good they will still be hanging onto mobile phones, laptops, iplayers, Xboxes and all that stuff, I thought why?? no way you will be able to recharge it.
    me? to paraphrase Yul Brynner in “The Magnificent 7″….i’ll throw them in the water butt and ride out!!!!!
    trouble with people today is they are all “specalists”, we don’t need specalists after SHTF what we will need is jack of all trades.

  6. David says:

    like it has been said I am old, and not as jast as I once was but I still can pull a trigger and I am A “jack of most trades but master of none” (not a medic) but a pretty well keep that to myself because everyone wants free labor !

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