8 Very good reasons to wash your hands

  1. Cold viruses
    Can survive on hard surfaces for several days
  2. Flu viruses
    Can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours.
  3. Norovirus
    Can survive for days or weeks on hard surfaces.
    12 days on fabrics, months in contaminated still water.
  4. Herpes viruses can survive for four hours on plastic
  5. Hepatitis C virus at least 16 hours but no longer than 4 days.
  6. Influenza, SARS or rhino virus, can persist on surfaces for a few days.
  7. HBV or HIV, can persist for more than one week.
  8. Ebola on dry surfaces, such as doorknobs and counter tops, can survive for several hours; however, virus in body fluids (such as blood) can survive up to several days at room temperature.
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One Response to 8 Very good reasons to wash your hands

  1. shtfprepper says:

    for me in the emergency medical services.. we hate C.Diff
    “C. difficile bacteria are passed in feces and spread to food, surfaces and objects when people who are infected don’t wash their hands thoroughly. The bacteria produce spores that can persist in a room for weeks or months. If you touch a surface contaminated with C. difficile, you may then unknowingly swallow the bacteria.”

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