Safe Water UK

Thousands in Derbyshire and Leicestershire have cleared supermarkets of bottled water after high levels of chlorine were detected. As many as 3,700 customers have been told not to drink, bathe or even ‘wash their toilets’ with the water.

Seven Trent Water won’t say the exact levels of chlorine in the water, how the contamination happened or whether the problem would be fixed in ‘hours, days or weeks’.

Which makes the next question:-


Is going on?

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2 Responses to Safe Water UK

  1. equippedcat says:

    Don’t “wash your toilet”? With chlorine contaminated water? Like many of the automatic toilet cleaners use? As you say, WTF? Maybe there is more to it than chlorine.

    • Ha! You think?
      This whole thing stinks as reservoirs are either open to the air so chlorine wouldn’t have been present, or sealed which if that is the case, they must have pumped one heck of a lot of chlorine into the water. No, something else is going on and as per UK’s public utilities SOP the government have stepped in and told them to STFU to cover up the truth. There is something else in the water, something NASTY, and they don’t want anyone to know.

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