Center Mass.

I was watching a YouTube ‘movie’ with an ex-spurt coaching wannabe gun slingers.
Nothing remarkable, such ‘tubes’ are ten a penny nowadays but one thing was being pushed the whole time, the only shot that counted was a safe round through the cerebral cortex or the spinal column.

There was a lot of film showing ten feet and under close combat drills and loads of hostage shots, and a target not a lot different from this.

hostageI wrote about this in a post about learning to shoot and accuracy.
It’s one of those “WTF do I do now” moments isn’t it?
Guy hiding behind someone and pointing a gun at you.

Now our ex-spurt was berating a novice because they shot the hostage by “mistake”.
OK, if it was their job to give up their life or save the hostage I can understand that reaction. (Sort of)

Only in real life your survival depends on taking out the threat and you may not be able to play around with your finely honed range skills. My training was if all else fails, put two through the hostage.

Yet Would You?

After all whose life is more important, yours, the hostage, or the others that the bad guy(s) are going to kill?

I have also seen cases where bad guys corral innocents and open fire from within.
Sort of confident that the fine, upstanding, moral minded, ROE (rules of engagement) tied, soldier or LEO wouldn’t open fire on innocent men, woman, and kids.


Yet Would You?

The impression I got from the ex-spurt and his “holier that God spiel” was
“Don’t shoot unless you can guarantee a kill shot”.

That’s an interesting philosophy.
Standing there taking fire because you can’t aim directly at the shooter(s) and helplessly watching bad guys fire on other innocents because of your ROE, training, or moral code?

Just think about that for a while.
What would you do??


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10 Responses to Center Mass.

  1. equippedcat says:

    What gets me is all the educational material (TV, movies) which tell people that they should 1) shoot off all their ammo while the targets are behind cover, because the bad guys will shoot up all their ammo while you are behind cover and then either they will run away or you can beat them in a fist fight. 2) Always shoot center of mass and then turn your back on the target, because noone ever wears body armor or can possibly move after a COM hit, and you never miss COM and 3) if someone tells you to drop your weapon or they will shoot/knife their hostage, you must do so and never, ever, say “If you do then there is nothing keeping me from shooting you, is there?”.

  2. Michael says:

    I am shooting until the threat is neutralized. While have made this shot in a training many times, I mentally prepare myself that I might kill the hostage (who is already in mortal danger).

  3. Rifleman III says:

    Training was to stall if possible, until Hostage Negotiation Unit and Emergency Services Unit, arrives. At the range, I had no difficulty hitting the target (practiced 400 rounds daily, 7 days a week), but was chastised for firing rather than simply holding my fire. I said the subjects move in real life, and presentation becomes a target of opportunity to me as a clear shot. The policy was to hold fire, and in all training afterwards with same situation, nothing was sent downrange. Politics, politics, politics. Business as usual.

  4. I have been practicing on head shots at the bad guy behind the hostage. I am getting better but the hostage gets shot in the arm or shoulder fairly often. I also practice crotch shot and knee shots. Basically whatever the bad guy exposes I shoot. COM is old school and I my shots in a pie pan sized group. I carry a XDS which has a pretty short barrel but practice makes perfect.

  5. GSP Fan says:

    If the only option to stop further innocents or myself from being injured/killed was to shoot, I would shoot.

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