Hollow ground screwdrivers

Once again a kitchen gunsmith has made life hard by ruining the head of a deep-seated screw by using a conventional ‘DIY or engineers’ screwdriver.


The proper gunsmiths screwdrivers are hollow ground and parallel tipped to maximize the contact area of screwdriver to screw head.

Thus force can be applied without deforming the screw head!

It’s not like a set is expensive so do your guns a favour, BUY THE RIGHT KIT!


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6 Responses to Hollow ground screwdrivers

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Correct width of the screwdriver to lessen possibility of ruining either the screwhead (too narrow), or the weapon itself (too wide).

  2. equippedcat says:

    When a person buys screwdrivers, mostly what is available is the flat ground. So they don’t know hollow ground is even available from specialty sources, or the necessity for using them.

    • Unless you care for your own weapons, and had been trained, I agree. Why would you need to know anything more than a basic field strip and clean.

      Only there is the difference.
      If such a person has a problem they reach for a credit card and take their weapon to a gunsmith (if they can find a real one that is), but after TEOTWAWKI occurs, you’re on your own.

      • equippedcat says:

        Perhaps if a person does not know about (and have) hollow ground screwdrivers, buggering up screws is the least damaging thing they will do while mucking around with their firearms…

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