One thing, multiple use

No guessing here it (they) are
fishinghooksFishing Hooks, Plain and Triple

Five “thinking outside the box” uses.

  1. Fishing
    A real no brainer! Long lining a speciality.
  2. Trapping
    From furry to feathers, if it can’t kill it will usually hold.
    Snaring, snagging, or hidden in bait.
  3. Self defence
    Ever tried to get one out of your hide? One word:-
    So we have triples scattered on the floor.
    First they stick in with that annoying crunch every time you take a step.
    Then so many try to pull them out using their fingers.
    Hanging from a door frame or along a corridor, a darkened room maybe.
    Chest and ankle height.
    Bad guy walks through and once again.
    Dogs or men trailing you?
    Line with hooks across their path.
    Monofilament line almost invisible in the dark.
  4. Access
    From tripping window latches to jiggling keys out of locks.
    Or through the letter box on a fishing rod to the peg or table holding the keys.
    Through that little gap in the corrugated roofing in a garage to hook the emergency door release.
    Vehicle door handles, they fit through the smallest of gaps.
  5. Dropped something?
    Now It’s a mini grappling iron.
  6. OK, your turn!
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13 Responses to One thing, multiple use

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I’ve never considered so many uses. Thank you, sir.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    String the treble hooks at multiple heights across your trail,that way any one or anything following you gets caught in the hooks-face height,neck height,chest height,waist height,knee height,ankle height-even if the hooks don’t hurt the people bad,they’ll still have to stop and untangle themselves and their dogs from the line with lots of sharp hooks on it.
    Use lots of snelled hooks,the ones with a short piece of line with a loop at the end-you can attach them to mono line by pulling the hook through the loop,no knot tying required.
    I would pre- rig some treble hooks the same way,then attach to the mono the same way,saves lots of knot tying time.

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