Surviving an ELE (Extinction Level Event)

OK, a ELE means the expected big die off of TEOTWAWKI goes GLOBAL!
What sort of thing are we talking about ?
Impacts by space objects, massive global volcano events, a rapid shifting of the position of oceans and continents (plate tectonics). A near miss by another planetoid body may cause that by inducing severe gravity shifts (see later).

Maybe a dramatic climate change, the air turns bad, water becomes undrinkable, or simply nothing grows, food or otherwise, for ever!
It could just be a pandemic that has one heck of a predation rate.
Or one that sterilized the women or men in the world.
Hows about a massive geo-magnetic event that simply destroys all power, globally.
While that might seem not exactly an ELE, it may in time destroy continents as the modern world is so reliant on communication, importing vital material, fuels, and food, and everything industrial runs off electricity. Then there are the unknown effects of a loss of a loss of control of nuclear power stations or even the ever popular crowd pleasing nuclear weapons.

The list is endless.
So how do you plan for something so catastrophic that it’s going to affect everyone, everywhere? I submit you can’t outside of your normal preparations for disaster survival.

Thus having the much discussed and coveted bug out bag let alone the survival rule of threes will become irrelevant.

There has been talk of some more enlightened countries (China and Russia) digging out massive “fall out / doomsday” shelters for its elite. Everyone going underground for a year until the world sorts itself out. Only have you considered how much water, food will be needed for say a million let alone what to do about their WASTE both body and from products they use? Logistically that’s not going to happen for everyone and as said, only the selected (wealthy or politically connected) few.

Other talk was about the construction of undersea havens.
Extracting everything they needed from what is readily available from the seas.
Yet the scientists came up with a past ELE caused by “Anoxic events (the middle or lower layers of ocean becoming deficient or lacking in oxygen)”. No fish, no life sort of thing.

Only consider Fukushima. Half of the worlds seas are already contaminated with radiation because some fools(s) didn’t want to lose ‘face’ and admit the true depth of the disaster. Worse bit about it? The lies are still continuing.

Anyway Iwas looking up world ELE events of the past.
The WAY PAST, and one particular “prediction ” for the future ELE in the phanrzc period aka now was described as “a human event”.

Somehow that seems quite a realistic possibility.

There is some “Mayan disaster” type talk of the mysterious planet Nibiru, aka Planet X, which is due to pass Earth by the end of the year.
Apparently it may cause a pole shift.
OK but it’ll also probably upset gravity to, aka the oceans tectonic plates.
After that it’s going to be all the best bits of science nightmare as made up by the scientific world.

So where am I going with all this?
Well nowhere would be about right.
The enormity of the scenario’s largely precludes survival for the average prepper.
With a few exceptions. For example.

A lot of people talk about sea levels rising and flooding all land.
OK, if it happens in a ‘not too violent’ way, we live on a boat.
Although if it gets too cold (a new ice age), we’ll have no option but to go to land.
Living in a metal can during an extended cold period being impossible without fuels.
If it gets too hot, again we will again have to go to land.
Summer temperatures without wind have risen in excess of 40 Celsius plus as once again the metal acts like a heat sink. Too hot for us.

Pandemics (provided they aren’t airborne) may see us isolated for a long time, which is good for me especially as I’m an antisocial type. Only eventually we’ll have to go to shore. Everyone does, eventually.

Anyway make of this what you will as most of it is pure speculation.

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6 Responses to Surviving an ELE (Extinction Level Event)

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Almost everything will eventually run out. I hope to squeeze as much life as I can if I’m still around after an ELE.

  2. jlm990 says:

    I think you are making a good point that you can only prep so far. You plan the best you can, prep the best you can, learn all you can, and then play the cards you are dealt. I think of it a lot like combat. You train, prepare, practice, equip, and when it happens you do the best you can. There are no guarantees. Navy Seals drown. SF guys get a wrong packed schute and auger in. Experineced vets make a newbie mistake and buy the farm. Murphy is a constant companion and will often surprise you. It’s called life. Millions have gone before us, and I believe that millions will come after. Hopefully the politicians on Planet X arent as stupid as ours.

  3. I very much want to always be prepared and be ready for what life throws at me.

    And I don’t want to roll over and die, but I do question to what level of “degradation in quality of life” do we allow? How far do you go? At what point is life not worth it?

    I guess we’ll only know that once we’re there.

    • How does that saying go?
      Expect the unexpected?
      As for giving up, that was never part of my life experience or training.
      SWMBO is often driven to distraction by my ‘stubborness’ only she will also point out that only a couple of things have ever defeated me since meeting her. Laying laminate flooring was one, and knitting the other!
      Not bad for an old soak.

      • Fair point and survival is survival. I guess I question worst-case scenario: you step out of the bunker / cave and we’ve got charred cinder to work with…

        I dunno – it was more rhetorical of a question than anything, I guess. Always like to hear what others think.

      • Hope for the best, plan for the worst. All those little ‘twee quotes’ sound glib but they aren’t.

        I’ve walked through villages that have been ‘cleansed’ and demolished yet in the midst of all that obscene mess was an old lady sat outside her one room home (and I use that term VERY loosely as not even a goat would want it). The translator asking if she wanted help, she replying that the Russians couldn’t drive her out, some ahole of a serb wasn’t going to do that now.
        Nothing stood round her except her little home. We unloaded everything we had, food, water, meds, tools, fuel, but she refused the translators sidearm. “Never did like guns”.

        Shit, I’m crying here at that memory.
        Never give up? She gave us a new meaning for that did that old mother. Bless her.

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