Yep, icicles hanging from the escape hatch in the roof.
April 10th and we’ve got icicles, WTH is going on.

Last night the lowest the ambient temperature fell to was 1º Celsius (34ºF) according to our little maximum / minimum thermometer.
It also rained, clouds were out for most of the night, so it shouldn’t have frozen, right?

Except there was a wind and wind chill took the surface temperature down on our boat to -2º Celsius (28º F).

So my little chickadees, pop quiz!
How fast was the wind blowing?
Too hard? Yep, that’s the conclusion I came to.

So later today I looked it up on one of those windchill charts.
Nope, for some reason it doesn’t list that temperature against that sort of minor chill.

Then I got the formula hoping to work it out:-
Tapparent(°C) = 33 + (Tair– 33)*(0.474 + 0.454√(v)-0.0454.v)
Yeah right. Forces schooling (maths equivalency) 101:-
If it looks hard it probably is, and it was.
Not even my resident number cruncher (SWMBO) could work it out!
She being the brains of the operation.
As for my laptop? It took two aspirin and went all blue screen!

So I used an online calculator.
Yeah I know, chicken is my middle name when it comes to math.
The result was Beaufort scale 2.
Which is a Light Breeze 6–11 kmh, 4–7 mph, 4–6 knots
Wind felt on exposed skin and leaves rustle.
Wind vanes begin to move.
Sounds pleasant enough doesn’t it?

Well it wasn’t so either the math, the online calculator, the Beaufort scale is wrong, or our little max-min thermometer was having a really bad day.

KGB hour, 03-04 hr, and I’m thinking “Did I close the outside covers”???
The boat doing its usual smack against the pier every now and then in driving rain.

My only thought was I woke up ‘again’ at 0430 hr to clear skies. Stars sort of thing.
The boat was still but I could hear a slight wind.
Is half an hour enough to chill down 6.5 tonnes of aluminum boat enough to form icicles on the roof hatch? It would seem so.

Moral of the story?
From 1 Celsius to -2 Celsius in 30 minutes.
Wind and rain is a fatal combination.
(And I really need to learn more math).

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    It’s that pesky global warming making it snow in parts of the US. Ha!

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