The problem with high-tech is?

The problem with high-tech is me.
Although I suspect I’m not alone.

Take a simple thing like a compact digital camera.
It arrived, SWMBO got it going, and once pictures had been taken, the next statement was “I want to transfer them into the laptop”.
scaredsmilieIt’s instinctive with me now.
I flinch whenever I’m asked to do something even remotely clever.
Especially if it’s anything to do with software.
So, after 16 pages of Japlish (or it may have been Koreanlish), I found that it was a download.
arghyellOne word, BANDWIDTH and we haven’t got a lot of that seeing as though the whole of the Marina uses just ONE single band WiFi hotspot.
OK, there was a little bit of good news, the marina’s brain cell was on his day off so him downloading everything in the world reducing the WiFi bandwidth to a trickle wasn’t going to happen.

“Still it won’t be that big a load”, me thinking semi confidently, “It’s only a little camera”.
Up comes the overall download size and my heart sunk. 315 MB.
Gulp at 200 Kb a minute, this was going to take a while. And it did!
Even worse it failed the first time as someone logged on somewhere to check their emails.

If there is anyone out there in blog land who remembers the first IBM PC with its 8 inch floppy drive, you’ll probably recall that software was tiny and written by people conscious of what the machine could actually handle! No more though, size (and speed) aren’t really an issue any more thus BLOAT-WARE (extremely large programs that actually do very little) is the norm now.

Ho hum, back to the software.
It installed, it worked (sort of) and I cunningly copied it to my faithful old memory stick for SWMBO to use. Only it wasn’t actually much good surprisingly enough (not).
Thus when SWMBO used it the pictures just disappeared.
A-ha! Clever me knew where they were!

The folder affectionately known as “Pictures”.
Something the documentation (another 30 MB file) mentioned just once i.e. “To see your pictures go to your pictures folder”.
Page 117, 3rd paragraph down, #8 pitch print in light grey almost as an after thought.

One thing good did come out of it though.
SWMBO has suddenly realised that high-tech is a nightmare and what the hell will everyone do when the whole world goes ‘PHUT’!

I smiled and held up
my high-tech

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3 Responses to The problem with high-tech is?

  1. Me too. Future CV will have very little on it apart from two sentences:
    “Have Pen, will Travel. Can add without a calculator”.

  2. jlm990 says:

    My first computer was something called a Monorail. Sort of abortion between a desk top and lap top. 1 Gig hard drive and 8 megs RAM. I bought Windows 98 For Dummies and started in page one. Not much changes. Bought my first i-Phone a few months ago. Downloaded the manual and stared on page 1. All the young lads that work for me kept saying, “Johnnie, it’s really simple. Just do this, then this and then this”. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Got given our first mobile phone.
      Under protest mind.
      It took us 6 months to understand why it kept beeping SMS in Morse with both of us “answering it” to nothing heard.

      Took another week to go through all the text messages it had accumulated.

      Know which feature I loved the most
      (and still do)? The off button.

      Fun bit about it?
      With a comms tech background I ended up installing and fixing car phones and eventually fixing computers.

      Always confused people did that. I couldn’t use them but could fix them.

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