How safe is your data?

An error at hosting and domain provider 123-Reg over the weekend takes hundreds of websites off-line with some unable to recover any of their data. [Link]

Now this is why PROPER IT professionals keep saying “make a daily local back up”!
You just can’t trust the world to look after your data, so at some point you’ve got to stop being lazy, spend some money, and get equipped to make local backup’s.

Off site, Cloud, and Virtual storage of your data isn’t as bullet proof as you might think!

UPDATE: 123-Reg has issued the following statement:
“We suffered a technical fault, which has affected a minority of 123 Reg customers. The fault was limited to 67 servers out of 115,000 (across Europe) and it is important to note that only a selection of customers on the 67 servers affected has been impacted.

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