The crack of a small bore

Sat quiet, reading, in the cool of the evening.
We have no TV (drool box) and the radio was off as usual, when SWMBO suddenly started as the crack of a .22 shattered the evening stillness.

The dog burrowed beneath the table, ducks flew away, and for a few minutes everything was disturbed with other boat owners looking round for the source.

It struck me how someone carrying out pest control with a non silenced weapon can cause so much disruption and reminded me about a survival skill all should practice, noise discipline.

OK, fast forwarding to a time of conflict or TEOTWAWKI.
Tactically the idiot had just alerted a community that they were there.
A really stupid thing to do.
Would people be scared of a firearm going off during a grid down scenario?
I’ve got two thoughts.

  1. They should be as a fool demonstrating no noise discipline, is inadequately trained, and may shoot without warning.
  2. Any firearm or projectile weapon is dangerous in a time of austere medicine.
    Often it’s not so much the damage the bullet / projectile can do, more the fibres and contamination it can introduce into the body thus causing infection.

I suppose the next question is what would you do about it?
Your options boil down to only a few choices, none of which are ‘safe’.

  1. Ignore it and hope it goes away.
    Only if a person is openly using a weapon, they may have a good supply of ammunition and if they come across you, what would be their reaction towards you?
  2. What if they don’t go away?
    They may clear your neighbourhood of your furry / feathered food stuff.
    Your options (armed or not) is to try to chase them off BUT IN DOING SO, you will become confrontational, thus a threat to them, and worse of all something to shoot at!
  3. You chase them off.
    Chase them off and they now know there are others around and you may be a source of supplies. Your very act of defence of your land making you a target to be explored, possibly eliminated, but definitely exploited.
  4. You eliminate the threat.
    Except if you eliminate one of a group, they may come looking for them.
    Once that happens your security and camouflage will be breached, and your safety compromised.
  5. Invite them to join you.
    If it’s just a singleton or a pair, would your supplies stretch?
    Are they going to be trustworthy let alone useful?
    Would they fit into or comply to your day-to-day operations including hygiene controls.
    What if they are the scouts for a much larger group. Could you cope with that and the possibility of that group having a different minded command chain?
    What if they are carrying a disease?

Interesting thoughts aren’t they?
And all because some fool didn’t think about noise discipline.

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