Digital misery

For three days I’ve been trying to book a room online aka via the internet.
And I’ve got close three times.
The cock-up has been automated systems, a really lousy WiFi service, and VISA!!!!!!!

A tale of woe.
Once upon a time there was this guy who had a credit card.
Happy and content he bumbled along making online purchases with no problem AT ALL.
Then, one day, his card was rejected.
Why? You may ask.
Because at one point this not very thoughtful guy registered his card with Verified by Visa
The very spawn of the computer devil is Verified by Visa
Not thoughtful, why?
Because little did he know that VISA was going to cock-up his online buying.


It seems that every time you change your card in the UK, or your address, spit on the side-walk, or something equally mundane, VISA can’t cope with a change of details.

So you have to phone them up to change things (apparently the VISA call centre is in the states) only no one speaks English above 3rd grade level, can’t cope with the British accent, doesn’t know phonetics, and have a habit on dropping you on hold for 20 minutes or more. All in all a RIGHT ROYAL PAIN IN THE ARSE!

Thus today I gave in and using my ‘hammered to death’ keyboard accessed the direct phone number to a wide swath of hotels, motels, inns, and, and, (the list was pretty long anyway).

So I find a couple of rooms I like and phone them.
Everything goes swimmingly until payment.
It seems that all the big faceless corporations use . . . . . Verified by Visa!

arghyellThus when you quote your number, they want a password.
Because those nice 3rd graders at VISA TOOK ME OFF THE Verified by Visa SYSTEM.

Like hell they did! Bunch of tossers!
So, in desperation I went to the bank.
After all they issued the card, it’s their problem.
That would be a NO!
VISA is the logo, they all use VISA, you’ve got a problem you go to VISA!

Phone up hotel and talk to a real person (over the age of 10 who probably also has had a problem with computers in the past).

A really nice lady, 40 plus, listened to my tale of woe and typed my number into one of those point of sale pads you see in shops. Them don’t use passwords or any such nonsense.



Tell me is there anyone out there who still remembers MONEY?
You bought something and paid for it in coin or folding stuff?
Bring back the pounds, shillings, and pennies of old I say.
No foreigner ever understood them so that was a Godsend in its own right!
We had 240 pennies or 20 shillings to the pound
We had a hap’penny, penny, thruppence (a lovely little coin), tanner aka sixpence, shilling, two bob, half and full crown, pounds came in paper, and a guinea was 21 shillings. EASY eh! Then came decimalisation. Sigh. The end of civilisation part one before the computers took over in the killing blow that was part two, SKYNET!


It official, I’m losing the plot!

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  1. Been there, done that, scrapped the Visa credit card. Sadly even basic debit cards show the dreaded logo, so you can’t get away from it. 😦

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