Is survival ‘war’?

You could be forgiven for calling survival ‘war for civilians’.
When the rule of law has collapsed it seems to me that every survival scenario written ends up in combat.

I read an article about “the predicted big die off” and it was centred round the end of oil.
I kinda like the way the basic figures were presented i.e.
Starvation kills roughly half of the population in developed nations within a few months. Another third dies within a year.

Now I think they were a bit conservative and in cities the predation rate would be much higher. Bottom line for the UK was that within a few months, 26.8 million are left standing, and within a year, 17.9 million are left standing. Which puts the population back to about 1812 levels.

Is this a numbers game pure and simple?
No, it isn’t because where are all these people going to be living?
And there is the rub, nobody knows.
I suspect for the majority it’ll mean rural living round food growing areas in pre-industrial type conditions. Settlements raised round farming, old school history book style.
As such violent behaviour won’t be tolerated for long on a local level.
It’s simple, if you kill off the work force, or disrupt growing, or interfere with trade, nothing works. Solution? The disruption must go.

In the UK, around 70% is land is used for farming, 11% is called “urban” and 19% is either industrial or just not used.

So does that mean that urban and industrial will become wastelands?
Not at all and industry in its most basic of forms (especially if electricity is still available) and cities will still exist. Apart from a few idiots (and every area has them) violence won’t be tolerated there either.

Only here is the crunch for the gun hoe. Law enforcement may become simpler.
With none of those scum sucking legal profession to get in the way, punishment may simply become summary justice.
Especially if there are elements of the armed forces stationed there.
So don’t just think “Oh goodie the one stop shopping mall called England is all mine”.
In built up or occupied areas there will be law enforcement.
It may differ from the rural version but it will exist in some form.

Now betwixt those two areas i.e. Rural and Urban, will be an interesting place.
At last the gun hoe may have a playground to shoot anything moving.
Gangs, marauders, free world militia or whatever.

Only in real life it goes like this.
Farms produce food, with the excess transported to centres that have things they want and trade ensues. It’s actually been like that for ever, the only difference is they’ll be no supermarkets so food will actually be fresh for a change.

Money may be barter, food for oil, meds, knitting needles for all I care BUT trade will ensue.

Then up pops the highwaymen living betwixt Rural and Urban.
Intercepting convoys, taking what they want.
Killing travellers for the contents of their back packs. Mad Max the sequel!
Just how long do you think that will take to p*ss people off enough to deal with the threat? Not long I should think and the trees will bend with the swinging dicks who get caught.

Now I can’t speak for the US. War is behind every bush there.
Everyone is armed, violence an everyday thing, it will be a last man standing  sort of place.
Which is utter B.S.

OK you have more land than the UK BUT the same principles will apply.
Settlements round food production will be established, industry will function on a basic level, and trade will still be carried out.

As for the highwayman, gangs, marauders, free world militia or whatever.
Summary justice is the same bitch when you think about it.

Is survival war? Possibly short-term. Long term, nope.
You can’t fight and subsistence farm (let alone trade) at the same time.
You can’t live in a community and remain violent.
You certainly won’t be able to coerce people into servitude for long.

Perhaps you gun hoe need to keep at least one rig out pouch full of what will matter in later survival. Seeds, and items for trade like needles, fishing hooks, salt, dried yeast, etc.

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8 Responses to Is survival ‘war’?

  1. equippedcat says:

    The theory here is that if a disaster happens, like a super volcano or massive earthquake or financial meltdown or Trump getting elected 🙂 that the government has plans to invoke martial law and put “potential terrorists” (veterans, Christians, gun owners, preppers, Constitutionalists, conservative media members, those opposed to the “new world order”, etc) into FEMA camps. Some claim those camps have guillotines set up and ready to get “ahead” of the situation 🙂 There already orders on the books allowing the government to assume control of ALL the resources of and in the country.

    • Yep, that’s sort of what I’ve read about.
      Then your militia and patriot movement take on the US government and the UN troops brought in to quell you “rabble”.
      An epic battle ensues and the government is defeated in time.
      Sigh, the stuff of Hollywood epics.
      Although I do believe that Skynet is always a possibility when the computers rise up against mankind.

      Thus I can see how the paranoia can spread and a confrontational nature of survival be born.
      Only not all survival would be good verses evil, just good verses ‘collapse of everything’ from something as trivial as no electricity or oil ever again.
      Or the bio plague from hell.

      Bottom line is (and as written), short term things ‘could’ get nasty but IMHO won’t remain nasty long term.
      It’s counter productive, destructive, and too easy to defeat.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Not all of us in the U.S. who are gun owners are gun ho’s. 90% of the violence in the U.S. -especially the gun violence is committed by dope dealers and gang bangers. The rest of us are armed for self defense hunting and target shooting. We have no intention of robbing others. We will eliminate those who do rob others.

    • EXACTLY!
      Thus in the midst of chaos, for self preservation more than anything else, the rogue elements will be dealt with.

      Only when you read a lot (and I do read A LOT NOW) what is coming across is 101% confrontation talk.
      Or is this US version of survival just another macho B.S. industry built up by a few ex-spurts playing on some peoples fears?

      It’s difficult to quantify for the newbie, or even the gullible if you all need to be “roughie toughie” combat soldiers or just maintain a good state of readiness and weapons training.

      Personally I’m going for readiness and self defence, not offensive skills.
      Plus I’m an old school forager. That and basically knackered.

      There is self defense for looking after your own, and Mad Max marauders.
      Marauders will have a short life span, rather like some politicians.
      Only for the life of me I can’t work out why that doesn’t happen today. 😀

      • gamegetterII says:

        “Or is this US version of survival just another macho B.S. industry built up by a few ex-spurts playing on some peoples fears?”

        Yeah,it’s an industry,or rather a group of related industries.
        There’s also a whole lot questionable individuals who are using fear and hype to sell their own super secret methods of self-defense,their own extra special super secret weapons systems-such as pistol crossbows and related garbage,along with all the freeze dried “gourmet” foods,the extra super duper powerful specially designed ammo that comes out a couple times a year-usually right around the time people get their tax refunds-it isn’t worth even 1/2 the cost,nor is it any more effective than off the shelf ammo,it’s usually less effective.
        Garbage like this…

        Several of us kicked in a few $$$ each and bought a couple boxes of this crap in 9mm and .45ACP.
        The stuff they sell sure ain’t what was fired in their videos-the bullets disinigrate if they hit very small tree branches,or cattails at a pond edge,or thick weeds-one of the 9mm’s came apart when it hit a balloon we had tied to a stick so we could see wind direction and guesstimate wind speed-a freakin balloon-the bullet disinigrated when it hit a small balloon that I blew up to monitor the wind later in the day when we planned on shooting rifles.
        Then there’s all the poorly made packs/rucks sold as “bug out bags”,and the absurd amount of tacticool garbage for sale.
        I can hike in the woods/field,but there’s no way I’ll ever be able to run-too many injuries/broken bones makes that impossible,best I can do is a fast walk.
        What I can do is trap,hunt,fish,can foods,smoke and salt cure meat and fish,find every edible plant in the area and surrounding states,I can grow vegetables,raise chickens for eggs and meat-and treat water to make it safe to drink and cook with.
        Knowledge and skills are what is going to allow people to survive-not the latest greatest tacticool guns and gear.

      • You are sooooo right.
        An industry based on fear for the gullible and misinformed.
        After a while it gets a bit tiring doesn’t it!

        I’d say it shouldn’t be allowed full stop.
        Yet it’s difficult to pick out the experts, who do good things, and the EX-SPURTS who will probably get you dead.

        Advice and accurate information is also sketchy.
        Usually a reprint of FM 21-76 (Army survival guide), or based on hearsay, myth, and whatever they are peddling.
        Training the same. A lot of it is staged, managed, and deserves some sort of Oscar for the best B.S. on sale.

        Weapon CQB training.
        You have no idea how much combat shooting goes on in UK roads, towns, and clubs, that needs you to lean on or hide behind a 20 gallon blue barrel.
        At least that is what I see when people are being taught survival shooting.
        As for leaping from and into pick up trucks.
        Wow, although that is seen everyday in the states (isn’t it?).

        All carefully controlled, managed, with ear protection plus shooting glasses mandatory. (HD quality $9.99 for our double DVD).

        Although I wonder, how many people have actually fired a weapon in their house and got to FEEL what a confined space discharge does to your hearing without the ear protection that is downstairs and not in the drawer with your personal weapon.
        Let alone what the concussion does to your thought processes.
        Then trialled putting a round into a stud partition wall and thinking that your child is safe in the bed behind.
        Or having a shotgun and thinking that you don’t actually need to aim accurately at someone less than 12 feet away.

        Tacti-cool and Gucci-cam is a joke most of the time.
        Plus whatever is recommended by the ex-spurts as personal weapons which are usually totally unsuitable for the person using them.

        Sigh, Survival Barbie and Ken dolls are coming next.
        $5.99 dressed like little survivalists complete with packs and AR whatever. (dog extra $3.99 but does come with real leather leash)
        Tomorrows ‘must have’ for the serious survivor.

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