Defenceless UK

Trevor Joyce (36) attacked and killed defenceless Justin Skrebowski (61) in a discount shop in Abingdon, UK, last December.

Now footage of this nutjob walking through the town centre threatening pensioners and shoppers before he was brought down by a police officer with a Taser has been released.

One man dies, others are threatened, and no one had the means to defend themselves.

Once again the insane gun laws protected the bad and reduced the good into reactive targets for the nutjobs, criminals, and terrorists to vent their rage.

The moral judgement of a few weeping hearts, the feral press, and the limp wrist PC politicians diktating the worth of human life.

Hang on to your right to keep and bear arms America.
We didn’t and look what happened as a consequence.

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10 Responses to Defenceless UK

  1. shtfprepper says:

    That’s another reason why I became my county’s NRA-ILA rep. I’m sure you know the NRA, so to break it down, the ILA is the Institute for Legislative Action. We’re busy, busy, busy right now.

    • Nice thought, but the right to keep and bear arms never happen in the UK.
      Too much politics, media, and stupidity. To shoot pistol now needs a trip abroad. The stupidity of it is even the olympic team has to do that.
      Only there is another problem.
      To go abroad to keep your skills up can lead to you being accused of receiving terrorist training.
      I miss my steel.

  2. DM says:

    Thanks for the reminder. Made me think of this guy:

    • Emotive stuff yet behind the rhetoric is simple truths.

      If you aren’t allowed to defend yourself with equal force to that being used against you, or not allowed to protect your own.

      Will you simply give in or ignore the purile laws of modern man to protect yourself or your kin?

      When the Man at the pearly gates asks of you why your kin are early, it’s too late to blame the government, the media, and the weak of mind.

      Only if you are second to those gates, I wonder, will he ask “Did you revenge them?”

  3. equippedcat says:

    We’re breeding sheeple like crazy; its only a matter of time before they enable the government to ban guns “for safety”. And toss away what safety they already have.

  4. Weak leadership and allowing death of innocents for “moral” reasons is a sign of a failed people.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum
    If you want peace, prepare for war

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