Situationally Aware

I was reading a post on rifleman3’s blog from disturbeddeputy entitled “Making Terrorist Threats”.

It kinda triggered this:-
We were visiting GCHQ town aka Cheltenham.
That’s no state secret incidentally as there are signs everywhere to it and the full address is on the Internet (plus pictures).


Yet that’s not the reason for writing this.
With the current unstable political and population instability in the UK, the fear is two-fold.

  • What will the fragmented government do to cock everything up after Brexit and cause civil disturbance, or / and
  • Will the home-grown jihardists (let alone the illegal variety) see this turmoil as an opportunity to make a ‘statement’ aka carry out a ‘spectacular’?

Cheltenham is an “ethnically diverse town”. (That’s me being very PC by the way).
So as we were walking and driving, what was noticeable was the ‘101’ different flavours of diversity. That and we don’t hear a lot of English being spoken in parts, yet it’s no way as bad as in some UK cities.

I get very SA in ‘mixed company’.
As the wife is temporarily on sticks even more so as ‘flight’ is not an option at this time .

So subconsciously I’m profiling. (And the human rights lot roll their eyes in desperation).
You’re probably well aware of the basic 12 point visual “spot the potential bad guy” list and for a few I was in the 8 plus region. Not good and the dog of course picked up on my mood with typically aggressive positioning between wife and ‘object of concern’. Good dog!

Weird isn’t it.
You are ‘home’, way outside of what you knew (know) as ‘harms way’, yet as multiculturalism is an increasing security issue in the UK, a few of us old sweats are still feeling ‘vulnerable’.

Something also tells me that if I’d been CC again, the safety snap on the holster would have been clicking on and off like a demented metronome.

Yet the whole question of arms is mute in the UK as CC or even OC is not an option as we the citizens have been rendered defenceless by the same political correctness that lets certain ethnic groups grow and groom their own ‘bad guys’ and let anything through the borders.

Nervous little me, perhaps a touch of paranoia?
A wise man once said:-
“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”
That and:-
“The enemy is anybody who’s going to get you killed, no matter which side he is on.”

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