Why negotiate?

Protesters or aggressors, the usual advice is:-

  • Not get into a confrontational situation in the first place
    A stupid bit of advice when most direct confrontations are ‘engineered’, purely accidental, or a failure of your situational awareness.
  • Simply withdraw from danger
    Which may be beyond your control, especially if the cause is racial, political, extremism, terrorism, social collapse, criminal, drink, or drug related.
  • Give them what they want
    Only what if they demand more than you are willing to give and may be mindful that you have seen their faces.
  • Talk your way out of it if you can
    Like most protesters or aggressors will let you leave without ‘making a point’!
    You could always try but interaction between you and them may enrage them further.

What’s the alternative?
No matter what the numbers are, if you have someone to protect or you have no other way round the situation, you only have one solution, ATTACK.

I can just feel the ex-spurts laughing at that one.
Only what would their solution be, Run?

I’ve been in positions where there was no way round trouble and the usual “Marquis of Queensbury boxing rules” just didn’t seem applicable.

Number of opponents means not a lot when they are faced with someone who is totally out of control, showing no restraint, carrying out the most vicious of acts, while screaming in their faces that “You are all going to fk’g die”.

Most groups when faced with blood and carnage will back off a ‘madman’ YET you have to keep going because to pause allows them thought time. The sole object in attack is to destroy the attacker or group leader in front of any hangar on element working your way through the leadership.

Great tactics while you are young and fit only how does that compute now you’re older?
That age where you take all night thinking about what you used to do all night.
Interesting thought isn’t it. Especially if you suffer from a heart condition or some other age related condition. 60 seconds of violent exertion might just see you die anyway!

Nothing changes though, only you have to use what you’ve got.

  • Cue the gun brigade?
    In the UK? That would be a no. (That’s so wrong too).
  • Fisticuffs aka hand to hand combat.
    Once maybe but speed and power for some is a distant memory.
    Yet with training the elderly can be conditioned to attack parts that will maim for ever.
    Remember that is your goal. To reduce the threat(s) to a non lethal mess.
    Only with a group you need to do it ‘well, fast, and with great malice’.
  • Knives?
    A possibility but knives are an ambush weapon, it also takes constant practice to keep proficient, and for the aged or less mobile, not very effective.
    Only remember, to brandish is bad, you’ll need to be effective and show no restraint.
    As for afterwards?
    There are always two sides to what happened unless you are the only side left standing.
  • Sticks?
    Effective with training they may be but they are slow and generally non lethal.
    You needing to put people down, HARD, viciously, bloody is best, and keep them down.

So, does any of this seem feasible or just fanciful?
Some will think no yet in life, especially the wild violent world we are living in today, you’ve really not nothing to lose except what is precious to you.

After that you’ve got to be thinking of Psalm 23.4 (the survivalist version).
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:
For I am the meanest SOB you’ll ever take on and my weapons do comfort me.”

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